Statement of Purpose for Admission by an Accountant


Statement of Purpose for Admission

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Since I was a 12 years, I liked dealing with money. My parents trusted me with money because they believed that I want accountable and responsible. In addition, when my brothers needed to safe money for future use, they always trusted me with the amount and had no doubt that their money was in safe hands. My family used to call me an accountant because I could account for all my expenditure and always ensured that no single coin went into waste.
In addition, I started to operate a home bank while I was young and this improved my confidence and desire to deal with hug monies in the future. In addition, I am a good planner, time manager, organized and risk taker and this helped me believe that I can make a good accountant.
From them I have been trying my best to excel in all business related subjects. In addition, while in high school I tried my best to be close to the business teacher in order to get rich knowledge on financial accounting. In addition, I have been attending different financial accounting workshops to increase my knowledge of different concepts of financial accounting. What is more, after high school I worked as a volunteer accountant in family business. In this business, I was involved in preparation of invoices, drafting of profit and loss accounts, preparing balance sheets, Cash Flow Statements, petty cash, and Statement of Changes in Equity. This positively impacted me with rich experience in financial accounting and management.
Considering the above statements and experience, it is clear that I have passion for been an accountant. If given an opportunity in your reputable institution I will do my best to become the best in my field. In addition, I shall maintain high standards of discipline and integrity within and outside the institution.

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