What Are the Interests Involved in the Clash Over Publishing State Secrets?

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What are the interests involved in the clash over publishing state secrets?
The interests that are involved in the clash over publishing the state secrets is the fact that the media claims that it has got the right of informing the public who enjoys the right to information. This right born by the public or the citizens cannot be realized if the media is barred from publishing all the information at their disposal. They claim that the government has been suppressing this right of the citizens and they use the plea of that the information is classified or cannot be shared because it a secret of the state a claim that the media believes is baseless only intended at hiding information from the public.
What does each side want?
The state or the government side wants the media to keep off or avoid the reporting of some information that the government side claims it is classified. They want to be in control of what information and the amount that reaches to the media houses for publication. On the other hand the media side wants the government to stop regulating them on what they should cover or report to the public. The coverage of some scenes in the critic of the WMD argument is what the media wants but the government is totally opposed to it.
Who has the more compelling argument? Why?
In this case the media has a more compelling argument. Their argument is that there is a well-established right to information on all the citizens. As such it is the responsibility of the media to try as much as it is possible to bring to the attention of the public all the information that it is dully convinced t is of use to it. It thus argues that the state has got no right to deny it the chance to air the news that they believe are of importance to the public. The state’s claim of secret information is not to be used as a justification for not informing the public.

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