An Ideal Nursing Home

Published 31 Jul 2017

Nursing homes represent an extension of our very homes. And to a parent whose family necessitated them to be placed in such institutions, proper professional and personal methods are expected of them by the families that had entrusted to them their parents’ care.

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For the family that faces the tough and often sad decision of letting go of their parents, certain steps must be followed to ascertain the professionalism of the nursing home. First, the location must be close enough for the patient’s family and friends to visit on any given day; second, if the family needs financial assistance from Medicare and Medicaid in paying the bill, they should first make certain that the nursing home allows payment from these programs; third, research as much as possible about every nursing home within the vicinity from: those with loved ones in nursing homes, church ministers, medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and social workers, and even from nursing home employees; and fourth, check on State inspection reports on nursing homes. It is required by federal law for them to post it in plain public view.

One such nursing home that closely resembles the love and caring that a family may provide for an aging parent is Golden Retreat Nursing Home, the very workplace where I have been enjoying the task of caring for our elderly in whatever service I can render. Here, the patients are generally happy, in a good disposition, and are very well taken cared for by the professional staff and crew of the institution. The receiving area, the rest rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and the premises itself are well maintained and are regularly cleaned.

The food being regularly served in Golden Retreat always look appetizing, just like the ones being served in snack bars in town. Perhaps this is the reason why the patients are eating most of what are served to them. Cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost concern for the directors, as evidenced by the kitchen crews having to wear hairnets, gloves, and masks.

The employees, who, by the nature of their work have everyday direct contact with the patients, are briefed exhaustively to practice professionalism in various forms. Such as, they have to be always cheerful in dealing with the patients; they have to be always attentive to the patients’ and the family’s needs; privacy of the patients will have to be always respected during care and treatment procedures; and staff should always knock on the patients’ room before entering. Since The Golden Retreat Nursing Home is designed to closely resemble that of the patient’s home environment, respect for the aged is one of the most important tenets of the center, emphasized by the directors in a regular basis, through conferences and seminars conducted for the staff’s improvement.

Service Equals Patients’ Comfort and Safety—the main agenda of the conference last month, refocused us on the basic needs for these. In Golden Retreat Nursing Home, the patients’ call light, for example, are attended to immediately, with the sound just audible enough for the staff to hear, without causing much disturbance on the patients. All of the bedrooms are also neatly arranged at all times, each with a table for the patient’s personal decorations of his own choosing. Efforts are also underway to bring in the latest equipments for restraining the patients, in cases where such a need is unavoidable and beneficial to the elderly, thereby assuring minimal if not zero harm for them.


The Golden Retreat Nursing Home is the closest one could find in assuring a truly professional yet personal approach in elderly care. The entire workforce, from the doctors to the kitchen crews, have all been trained in delivering a respectable and safe method recommended by all major associations of American Psychologists ad Psychiatrists. It is a haven for the elderly; a beautiful, clean, and healthy way of living in the advanced years; assuring not only comfort and health, but also warm friendship in their remaining years.

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