Published 06 Mar 2017

A recognition and acknowledgement of the value of human care in nursing comes before and presupposes actual caring. The value of caring is grounded in the self-transcending creative nurse. Gaut indicates that the necessary and sufficient conditions for caring include:

  • Awareness and knowledge about one’s need for care
  • An intention to act, and actions based on knowledge
  • A positive charge as result of caring, judge solely on basis of welfare of others.

When a person decides to pursue a career he/she has several options, but you have to choose a career that you like the most, therefore I chose nursing. The reason behind my decision was that from childhood I have been a person who is able to feel other’s pain and in someway I was always able to help those around me. By being a nurse I am given an opportunity to heal people, ease their pain and if possible bring joy in their painful lives.

Nursing teaches me be compassionate; understand what others are going through, be strong; if something goes wrong then I have to face it and be meticulous; avoid making mistakes because in this profession there is no room for mistakes. I get an opportunity to experience different aspects within the same profession; I get to learn a lot about human behavior and suffering.

Being a nurse helps me in my personal life as well, I am able to deal with people around me in a much better way; I have become calmer and focused in what ever I do. My relationship with my friends and family has become better, as I have become more understanding and compassionate towards them.

I believe that each person has come into this world for a purpose, and I feel that my purpose in life is to help mankind, ease their suffering, and if by the end of the day I am able to make at least one person happy, I go home content with my life.

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