As I Learn To Write

Published 02 Oct 2017

It is not just a matter of being required by the curriculum of the school or the course taken. Learning and developing writing skills is one asset I strongly believe that is very useful in every aspect of life – school, work, community, and family. Somehow, I will need to write to them, for them, about them. As I learn to write, I realized that I am not only putting to good use my skill but I become better in communicating myself, my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings. And to share myself through skills and wit in writing, I truly establish a relationship – and a destiny.

It is very interesting that my being vocally and verbally confident, fluent and an extrovert gave me the idea that I will not have problems “writing”. Then within the moments and the lectures that came along in my writing class, I stuck “my tongue in cheek”. What a universal concept awakened to me about the delight, the responsibility, the discipline that writing requires!

My learning started with know the value of organizing my thought or theme. I have to first believe in the theme I will write about then plan out the organization. I found it a real challenge to put my thoughts in order. I strongly believe that eventually when I have organized my theme, my enthusiasm in developing the theme increases.

Then, I learned and appreciated the importance of data gathering and researching information. Being adept in reading and understanding information not only provides data that will support my theme but it likewise inspires me to write. As I read well constructed and organized articles and publications, I am further motivated that I can create something of the same if not better as long as I keep the patience and perseverance and enthusiasm to learn.

What comes along after I have sufficient data and information, is for me to draft out the outline. After reviewing that my outline sufficiently covers the theme, I will construct the essay in its full form. I realized that due time must be exerted in this process so that I do not create and produce a haphazard writing that will take grammar and punctuation for granted. I greatly appreciate and desire to perfect my syntax; word usage; wealth of vocabulary; punctuation; figures of speech; verb tenses; positioning of modifiers and articles; agreement of subject and predicate – and all other grammatical principles.

Finally, when the essay has been fully written, I realize and understand the importance of review. Not only once, but even up to three times. I will even seek assistance of a third person to read for me my work as a final check and balance. This will not only safeguard the paper and essay from errors, but will likewise deeply inculcate in me the essence of my theme. And during class discussion, I can talk about the theme of my essay from my heart – with very minimal need for side notes.

‘I believe that much of what is important in American life depends on clear oral and written communication,’ noted Kerrey. ‘This survey confirms everything we believe about how the ability to present oneself persuasively and articulately on paper is a big part of individual opportunity in the United States,’ Kerrey said. (The National Commission on Writing)

I therefore believe that being fluent in speech and proficient in writing builds confidence and happiness. I like that very much. And my learning to write within such disciplines of fluency and proficiency will make me a better person. I also acknowledge that a commendable communication skill in the written form will lead me to success in my chosen endeavor as I go on with my life.

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