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Consulting Project

02 Aug 2016Business Essays

Client Identification and account verification procedures are designed to provide you with the highest level of security. Our standard practice is to request notarised or sighted copies of your passport and one other licence (eg: driver's licence).

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I would use the Principal to do this, and the mechanism is very straight forward - but the information that can be passed is limited to an array of bytes.

This means that you have to perform the type conversions for the data you want to send.

Another mechanism is to use the OrbixWeb filters. This is a proprietary feature of Orbix (and OrbixWeb) but will allow you to add information to the client request (and remove it at the other end) transparently. This lets you to add client information after the request has been called from the client, but before the request packet is sent over the network. At the server side, you can remove the client information prior to the target operation being invoked. This is how security mechanisms can be added to the application without interferring in the functional design. Therefore the IDL is unaffected and the client code is not 'contaminated' with 'administrative' functionality (i.e. adding the information to the request).

The OMG has defined portable interceptors to perform the same task as the Orbix filters (and VisiBroker proprietary interceptors). It may be worthwhile looking at their specification and wrapping the Orbix filters in your own implementation of a portable interceptor, as this will give you a future migration path.

  • A mechanism for a cluster of high-security servers on campus operated by CCSO to provide reliable client identification to other authorized WWW servers.
  • Uses popular, off-the-shelf components:
  • Netscape and Microsoft browser clients.
  • Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Netscape SSL HTTP Servers
  • Perl 5, Microsoft ASP

Manage the internal transfer process, the temp and independent contractor processes, and external resources to complete the recruiting and selecting of candidates.

Develop staffing strategies to identify current and future staffing demand based on business plans, HRP, and historical turnover. Develop strategies considering established metrics. Participate in client HRP from the perspective of the management of incoming workforce and its affect on the business plans. Focus on providing intelligence on cost effective and time effective methods to execute workforce strategies. Partner with the HR managers/directors to track internal movement to HRP targets. Take action to generate candidates to fill future opens in a just–in–time process. Act as divisional consultant on HR recruitment issues including coaching and training managers to develop effective recruiting plans, usable requisitions, interview teams, interview plans/guides, effective debriefing processes, closing strategies, legal interviews. Facilitating the hiring process to achieve business diversity goals and effective global workforce strategies.

Overseeing the interview process to ensure feedback on applicants is appropriately considered for decision making. Manage the communication of Workforce Management processes, getting commitment and buy-in from hiring managers to adhere to a consistent way of executing hiring. For searches critical to the business play a leadership role in the recruiting process, managing the candidates, the hiring manager and the process directly. In this capacity, perform the duties outlined in the Senior Recruiter success profile. Assist in developing viable metrics to measure service levels, responsiveness and cost to the business; manage the associated budget. Apply the metrics to drive the hiring process in the most effective manner for the business. Monitor service levels against metrics to provide the right candidate at the right time at the right cost. Protect the brand by managing appropriate use of ads and collateral material. Manage outside resources so that the company is represented fairly and accurately.

If I have to start the project, I would do the following:

  1. Work with the Project manager/Engineering lead to ensure I am included in all project email lists, project meetings, scheduling, code drops, etc.In other words, make sure I am the part of the team.
  2. Work with the Product manager on putting together all the ancillary docs and product material. This is just good politics for when the crunch comes later.
  3. Use my standard writing department processes as best I can (see the above list). When they get in the way of engineering processes, defer to engineering whenever possible. This is a political move. BUT, do notsacrifice quality of docs to engineering processes.
  4. If my company allows it, acknowledge engineering input in an acknowledgement section of the manual (use only first names).

Part of the extra time also has to do with the fact that when complexity and power are added, things often take more time or at least can take more time. I've noticed with engineers is that automation allows them to do so much more to clean up a mix (since they don't have to everything together as part of the same pass, but can layer their moves), they're very tempted to use the capability and get rid of every stray snap, crackle or pop, especially on beginnings and endings. Sometimes it gets more complicated than it has to be and it can and is still done the old fashioned way. I don't know anyone who's in a big hurry to spend more money and time to complete a session or project.

But some see the extra time as commitment to quality and/or using the available tools. It's just a matter of style and circumstances (and budget).

As it turns out, even with charging my premium rate, it looks like it will take me half the time to complete the project as what I originally estimated. There is no provision in my contract that calls for adjusting the price based on actual hours spent, however I feel it would only be fair to adjust the price based on actual hours. I would still charge a premium hourly rate, but bill for fewer hours.

They agreed to the project fee and I shouldn't feel guilty about adhering to the terms of the contract when they benefit me.

I should add that the client would like me to take on a much larger project for them, but I am somewhat reluctant right now due to my huge workload.I can't help but think they agreed to my initial proposal to "bribe" me into taking on the larger project.

I wouldn't dream of informing the client of any price adjustments until the project is complete. I know "one never knows what truly lies ahead."

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