Gay Marriage Essay

Published 26 Aug 2016

In the 1990’s, there were strict laws which were set in the US and the world at large in regard to same-sex marriages. Therefore, a large cross-section of people stated that all those who participated in same- sex marriages were evil, and therefore were discriminated. Since the onset of this perception, there have always been people who advocate for the legalization of gay marriages. For instance, when President Bill Clinton was in power, he tried to advocate for the rights of the gay married people in all sectors of the US, especially in the military. Bill Clinton made promises, that he would reverse the ban that had been imposed on “gays in the military”. However, he was met by strong opposition and public opinion in Congress. Since then, there has been controversy in regard to the issue of same- sex marriages, better known as gay marriages (Raymond &Donald 244). Indeed, the issue of gay marriage has raised a lot of controversy in the world today and is indeed very wrong.

Controversy of the Same – Sex marriages “Rights”

The gay people, either homosexuals or lesbians are known to always seek their special rights. However, they do not realize that both the male and the female bodies are meant to complement each other. It is the only natural way that they can reproduce children. Therefore, even if they are granted permission to marry, there will be no creation of a true marriage. This is because two men or two women cannot become one flesh. Licensing what is perceived as unnatural does not render it natural. Therefore, licensing the gay marriages will render the practice as a sham, counterfeit, and fraud. Just like a skilled electrician cannot in anyway tap two plugs of the same kind to produce electric power, gay practices will be seen as destructive and dangerous, as they are powerless to the purposes of human reproduction (Rue, par.3).

Gay Marriage is Wrong!

Gay marriage is not right because it is a way in which the marriage institution is weakened. Bearing in mind that there are so many gay marriages in the current world, the controversy will always remain as far as the marriages are concerned. The dominant rhetoric of gay marriages has restricted the couples from ever bearing children. If at all the people in this type of marriages want children especially for inheritance, they end up making arrangements with the members of the opposite sex so as to conceive. Additionally, cases of HIV/AIDS and other related cases increase because the same people who are in gay marriages tend to practice sex with other partners. This is because they can never get satisfaction as far as their conjugal rights are concerned. That is why the end up having multiple partners (Gagnon)

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Gay marriages are also wrong because they are sole reasons for several monogamous marriages in many global societies today. Once a person realizes that his or her spouse is involved in another gay relationship, the consequences are so severe, for they can even lead to divorce. Therefore, divorce will end up causing a monogamous marriage to the family that has been broken down by the painful revelation (Gagnon). Research has revealed that in cases of marriages that break down because of unfaithfulness, the consequences of the same are more severe if the relationship was broken down by gay relations. This is because it is a condition which is perceived by the society as very evil and is associated with a lot of stigmatization. This means that the spouse who was all along being cheated on will go through painful experiences, especially psychologically (Gagnon).

A study conducted in 2004 revealed that there are very high rates of divorce among gay marriages in comparison to the other marriages. A study conducted in 2004 showed that “divorce rates for same-sex registered partnerships in Sweden from 1995 to 2002 revealed that all homosexual couples were one point five times more likely to divorce and female homosexual couples, who were three times more likely to divorce” (Gagnon)

Gay marriage is also very wrong as it only brings the demise of the marriage structural prerequisites. Gay marriages have a characteristic of making affection the ultimate aim. It is also wrong because it is an opening to rebellion in this way; once the people of a certain society are involved in gay marriages, they end up seeking for their rights. This is a situation which has been so common in the world, especially in the US, where a part of the church has actually agreed to give people of the same sex a right to wed, for instance, the Anglican Church. This rebellion is known to expose the others to negative heath side effects, as well as the religious and civil liberties to the children. Therefore, the rebellion instills a spirit in the youth who advocate for the practice, where they prosecute all public expressions regarding the promotion of homosexual behavior (Gagnon).

Americans are known of detecting anything which is not natural, even if they still have to depend on the unnatural commodities like air conditioning, eyeglasses and some materials like polyester. This applies also to a large cross section of the world. Similarly, gay marriages are known to be unnatural. This is because they were not instituted by God. Additionally, one of the sole reasons as to why people marry; besides love, is to procreate. Since members of the same sex cannot have children, it is rendered as a ‘union of convenience’, and not a marriage. It is also weird how members of the same sex can fall in love with each other. Therefore, it is considered as very unnatural behaviors (Community, par. 1)

Once a certain behavior starts in a society, and people are not assertive so as to object it, it tends to develop far and wide. This is the same situation with gay marriages. Once they are encouraged, it will be the norm of the societies. Therefore, people will tend to be ‘at par’ with what their fellow societal members are doing. When this trend continues, the right marriage institution will be broken down, and lead to a society where gay marriages are all over. In this way, there will be a complete turn of the foundations of the society, as the people will adapt to all the social norms created by the perverse behavior. Just like the world has adapted to the onset of technology, they will also adapt to the gay marriages (Community, par.3).

Generally, children grow up following what their parents teach them. Therefore, once a gay couple arranges to get children, these children will grow up and realize that their parents were gay. Take for instance a child who has always known that the parents are just ‘separated’, and when they grow up they realize they were conceived out of gay parents. Such children end up being discouraged and emotionally affected as a result of the stigma they face. As they try to project their behavior, they end up becoming gay. Therefore, this culture is continued, which jeopardizes the place of true marriages (Community, par.7).

The world religion does not support gay marriages. Biblically, it is a condemned practice. Even if the Anglican Church in some parts of the world has passed the gay marriages and considered then as right, it is a practice which the bible does not support at all. In fact, one of the major reasons as to why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was as a result of gay relations. The Muslims are also against the behavior, as they consider it as a deviance from the ways of Allah (Community, par.9). According to Gagnon, the vision of marriage in the Christian and the Jewish church is sole to unite female and male into an integrated sexual whole. It is not just about intimacy and the act of sharing life with another person, but a lifelong partnership. In other words, it is viewed as a sexual merger. This is shown by the Genesis story of creation, where Adam was created and split so as to form two people who were sexually differentiated. Therefore, marriage is seen as a reunion of the two halves, woman, and man (Gagnon).

Therefore, the only way that there can be a union is to bring the two different parts together. This will initiate the level of erotic intimacy. However, same-sex marriages cannot bring the same, and cannot constitute a form of marriage because there will be the lack of the requisite compliments or sexual counterparts (Gagnon).

Gay marriages are seen as an opening to criminal activities, and all other sorts of crazy behavior. For instance, once it is legalized, people may even think of how to marry their pets because they all have a legal standing. This would happen to the people who support sexual perversions like bestiality. Additionally, sodomy will increase, which may lead to an increase in the chances of HIV/ AIDS and other related cases (Community, par.10).

Children need to grow up with the love of both parents. Children who are brought up by single parents, especially in the cases of gay marriages tend to grow up without acceptance and love from both of their parents. Therefore, the children grow up with painful experiences, especially when they realize that both of their parents are alive and that they were born because of a mere ‘arrangement’ (Rue, par.6).

Clearly, gay marriages are very wrong practices and should be stopped at all costs. They are just very convenient sources of breaking up families in the world today and encouraging the birth of children born out of wedlock. Additionally, they are abominations to the religions of the world today. Therefore, all people should stand up to oppose the vice, as it will only bring destruction, disgrace, and despair to the members of the society. Instead, all countries in the world should be encouraged to advocate for marriages which are natural, God –given and pure; opposite sex marriages.

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