How does the perspective of gay marriage

Published 13 Oct 2016

How does the perspective of gay marriage, both affirm and change the institution of marriage? Same-sex marriage has become a hot-button issue and people especially homosexual and gay ask for the blessing of same-sex unions and the ordination involved in the gay relationship. They also asked to consider their liberal stand toward homosexuality.

A gay right group urged the government to follow by recognizing homosexual unions.Instead of branding homosexual marriages as immoral, the government or institution should be taking steps by legalizing domestic partnerships and honoring gay families.Gay and lesbian group seek to support and to provide with information on their rights.Some institution already exists of such human rights, the provisions against discrimination based on sex.

With a few exceptions, a marriage of same-sex couples is not culturally or legally established. Thus long-term same-sex couples face unique challenges. In many places throughout the world, same-sex couples and their supporters have been working to change existing laws to ensure that their relationships are afforded the same right and obligations available to married couples under the law.

The diocese of New Westminster in Vancouver, Canada, became the first in the communion to introduce a service of blessing for the same-sex couples. Court decisions allowed same-sex marriage in Canada, and decriminalized sodomy in theUnited States, perhaps creating an awareness that might have had some effect on members of Congress.Explain the contradiction using one of the three sociologists theoretical perspectives.

The contradiction of gay marriage from symbolic interaction theory because of itDealt with larger units of society such organization, institutions, communities, and nations. How society affects individuals about this and vice-versa, meaning the effects of the society about gay marriage. The society which we belong reflected through interaction occurring among them at the symbolic level and that level represent the ideas and communication. Socialization occurs at both, social interaction without enables to acquire the beliefs, values and language of the society to which they belong and to learn what is appropriate or inappropriate, what is right or wrong, who is significant or what is beautiful in the society.

Sometimes the opinion of others have attitude or actions that may not be something that would like to hear but if the people listen, they realize that there are some truths in those opinions. But if people have chosen to live with this kind of society, they must learn to respect and deal with the views and opinions of others, even though they do not conform to them. From this , it can give other a chance for self-improvement if people are prepared to change ways and approaches.

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