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How Arab Women Singers are perceived by the Media

06 Jul 2017Other Essays

Women all over the world are striving for better lives not only for themselves but also for their families. Women become a big part in shaping the society along with its views and culture. Women play significant roles in the various aspect of society.

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Women are subjected to sociocultural, economic and political changes that are set against them. One particular racial group is not exempted from the stereotypical perception of the society. The Arab women are perceived as destitute, ludicrous, powerless and inferior to men. That perception is inaccurate and does not serve to women who largely contribute to the society (Jabre, Underwood & Goodsmith, 1997).

It is speculated whether the prevalent perception on Arab women is due to the inherent cultural beliefs or proliferated by the media. A research on the perception on the Arab women by the media is important to how images of women are depicted towards the target audience. The Arab women singers are the subjects of the research for they are exposed largely by the media and viewed by most of the audience.

The research study will employ qualitative approach since we are determining the perception of the Arab nation on women. Qualitative methods shall include interview and observation from the key participants. Through these methods, we are able to determine the views and perceptions of the people with regards to women utilizing the Arab singers as the example.

It is expected that in the research, we are able to gather pertinent facts and information utilizing the various qualitative methods and arrive at necessary conclusions on how women are perceived by the media and they portray the image gaining such perception. It is highly important in the society to know how the women are depicted and perceived by people since we are trying to achieve equality.


Jabre, B., Underwood, C. & Goodsmith, L. (1997, November). Arab Women Speak Out: Profiles of Self-Empowerment. John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research.

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