Human Resource Managment

Published 14 Feb 2017

The topics are very broad, I will discuss on issues which are most valuable and will influence how the business will behave in future. At the end you shall have a clear understanding of the philosophy of human resource management.

Building an indidvidual and organization performance

Let me begin by saying that, when a business grows in size and become complex, there are support groups to improve performance, this help in sharing and learning based on the interest of employees. The employees are shown how to operate computer and programming tools. Employees develop sense of identity which determines how they direct their attention.

Employee work as a team in order to share ideas and be more productive and at the end of day, they report to senior managers.

There are recognition programs to reward employee who perform well and are offered with incentive, prizes, awards which help build strong culture where employee work hard all the time. Recognition is offered as non-material. Awards are tangible things used to influence workers to do job in the short run and attain something.

We will train employees for them to acquire necessary skills to do the work and encourage them to specialize in areas where they are best talented. We will also examine the talents of each individual employee in order to advice them on areas where they can apply their talents productively.

Once employees gain valuable work experience that can make solid contribution to the firm, they will be retained in future and be motivated to continue working hard. Strategies of promoting employees and increasing their salaries basing on performance will be effected.

Acquiring human resource for a business

The environment today is competitive thus requires selection of the right talent of human resource to be used. Our business is growing very fast and requires modern technology in looking for clients and employing those with appropriate skills required in each position in the business.

We specialize in appropriate knowledge required by the technical employees to do the business. My experience is in acquiring employees at all levels of the business where I need to know the methods of training them to ensure that they are placed in the right position where they are best suited to work.

In our acquisition solution we have recruitment and selection whereby we conduct job analysis by critically evaluating the operations, duties and responsibilities of a given job. We also compile and study work data in order to define ad characterize each occupation in such a manner as to distinguish it from all others. We also determine in advance a standard personnel with which applicant can be compared.

In job analysis we also define duties and responsibilities and collect and compile various factors relating to the job and describe distinctions among various jobs in the organization and their relationship. We create appropriate job description in order to indicate the tasks and responsibilities in a job and specify the specific qualities that an individual must posses in order to do the job. The job is advertised through the media in order to create awareness and provide information that is sufficient to attract suitable candidate for the post and unsuitable ones are deterred.

In our recruitment process, we receive curriculum vitae and sort them out, then evaluate and classify curriculum vitae depending on the requirement in the applicant specification. We prepare structured interview questions to allow for valid and reliable assessment of candidates.

The first interview is conducted in order to create a better picture of the candidate who has applied for the job, the findings for the interview are prepared and rejected candidates are sent for letters. The second interview is arranged and the candidate is given support during the interview to allow for accurate selection decision.

At the end of the interview, suitable candidate is selected who is judged basing on temperament qualities in the way of thinking about labor problems and qualities of leadership and also whether the qualities possessed and whether the same can fit for the job in the business.

During the interview, some information that can be provided by the candidate himself that was not in the curriculum vitae can be gathered and also interviewer will make the candidate know the policies and objectives of the business.

The successful candidate is offered the job and the manager is supposed to note what the candidate can do or will be able to do in future which is obtained by his physical conditions, academic qualifications, nature, character, capability for handling of grievances and the experience possessed.

The business will by now be equipped with human resource ready to work and they will be introduced to the working conditions and be briefed on when to report for work and when to leave from work and the authority to report to in case they need any assistance for them to be advised immediately.

Maintaning human resources within a buisiness

Once human resources are acquired, the next step is to maintain it in the business. The human resource is provided with positive work environment where each employee is treated in a fair manner and with respect disregarding their status. There is no harassment or intimidation and every employee is treated as an individual and not a particular category of people.

Each employee is treated basing on his contribution to the work he is assigned to do without considering personal characteristics which are not related to his ability or performance. The employees are provided with training programs which will aid in achieving the objective of the business and the main objective of the business is to maximize profit.

Employees are provided with insurance cover which aims at putting them back to the initial financial position they were before the loss occurred, health services for them and their families are provided free of charge and retirement benefits when the employee reaches retirement age while still working for the business.

The employees are advised while at work in order for them to be more productive and efficient. Employees’ salary is reviewed after specified time and increments are effected and the overtime hours worked is paid for. In case of any dispute, reconciliation is effected in order for the business to learn smoothly and for the employee to work as a team.

Equal employment opportunities are offered to employee with similar qualifications and experience and promotions are given to only those who perform well and qualify to be in a higher rank. The manager should supervise the business and make follow up in order to make sure the work is performed well and be able to observe the efforts made by each employee so that when it comes to rewards all the deserving employee will be rewarded and no one will be left out or looked down upon.

The employees who work well are rewarded and encouraged to keep up with good work and motivated to continue with good work. The employee are offered free lunch and during the anniversary of the day the business commenced, they are recognized and is made known to them that they are appreciated and cared for as individuals.

The business is made a place where people can work and every worker is able to utilize his talent well for the benefit of the entire business. An employee who recommends a successful candidate to fill the job and is able to do it well is given bonus and encouraged to continue advising the human resource manager on experienced candidates who can be resourceful to the business.

There are good houses build for the employee where they reside with their families and do not pay rent for them. This makes them remain in the business because the have no burden for the house rent unlike other places where employees pay for their own housing.

Demographic trend in labor supply

The total population in a work force will decline as the baby boom reach retirement age and continue to decline thereafter. This is as a result of fertility rate being reduced since 1964 and increase in life expectancy of adult Americans. The decline in population working will lower the living standards than they would be. The elderly depending on the population will be higher and dependent children are low resulting to ratio of labour supply to adult population declining faster than labour supply to total population.

Increasing elderly people who need to be cared for will strain the budget because of the increase in spending allocated to medical services, social security. This will also lower living standards more than equivalent growth in the number of child dependant where by elder people will be consuming more than children.

Labour supply determines the overall national output and other determinants are the amount of capital and the technology used. The amount of capital per worker can increase in period of one decade baby boomers make wealth accumulate to prepare for retirement and could stagnate or go lower due to increased total desaving by a large number of retirees. When labour supply growth is low, the savings will decrease. The unfavorable demographic trend predicted in the 2lst century will follow a trend that will be favorable and raise standards of living. Increase in elderly dependency will be hard to adjust to because people have been conditioned to the growth rate in the economy.

Labour supply adequacy is the effective supply of labour to total consumption needs. There are baselines to effective labour supply, first assumption is that the participation rates of the labour supply is constant for a given period of time between male and female, then account for gender differences in age and earnings and also know the changes in amount of money earned due to education level. Then compute ratios of alternative means used to that of overall consumption.

Why managing human recources is important

Managing human resource will help the human resource manager in offering equal employment opportunity to all workers and also help to follow the government laws and regulations which entitle business to be legal and licensed.

Staff needs are planned in advance so that they can be satisfied whenever need arise in order for them to be able to their duties well. Management will be able to interview top candidates fairly and equally and rank them in order of ability and experience so that the most experienced candidate will be given the first priority in the job. With good management the human resource manager will be able to select the best qualified person for the job. It is important to manage human resources in order to know the approximate time an employee will spend on major duties; this will also help to describe the major duties in order of priority. The manager will be able to license the business in order for it to begin its operation legally.

In managing human resources, the manager is able to consider the importance of performance of duty to get limited number of employee to perform it and specialize in the duty that requires special expert and abilities. The manager will be able to reduce training and orientation time spent in order for employees to use every opportunity they have to be productive and familiarize themselves quickly with the work environment. With good human resource management the loss of staff knowledge and experience due to layoffs will be minimized.


Human resource management ensures that the employees are able to meet the goals set in order for them to maximize use of their talents and abilities. Manager is also able to bring people to the business, help them do their work and compensate them for what they do and solve their problems.

In large businesses, human resource manager will coordinate duties of employees and report to the chief executive. In case a talented individual is employed in the business, human resource manager motivate them and reward them for their exemplary performance by reviewing performance periodically.

There are appraisal methods which involves ranking employee in a group to rank them and reward those with favourable performance. Performance appraisal helps in hiring, promoting, rewarding and giving feedback in order to know the training needs of employees and also help in planning. Reference

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