Response Letter

Published 24 Feb 2017

Dear Sir or Madame;

It has come to my attention that I have inadvertently filed two different change of status petitions with your office. I had first filed for an I-40 visa petition based upon my advanced studies, skills and exceptional ability in my field of expertise. I had dreams of working in the country as a consultant for the international business community and thought that it would be in my best interest to file for the I-40 visa. I had not realized that in my filing a second petition, I would end up nullify my first petition and risk an almost automatic denial of my petition for extension on my F-1 student visa status.

I had filed for an extension on my I-20 student status due to some personal predicaments that left me with no time to renew my status before it lapsed. I am still currently enrolled in my university and the same university has helped me to apply for an extension on my I-20 visa by providing me with pertinent supporting documents to prove that I am a student of good standing within their university system.

I realize that an F-1 student status holder cannot file for a permanent residence status due to the obvious conflict of interest. This is why I am formally withdrawing my petition for the I-20 status.

It has never been my intention to file 2 petitions and I do not intend to cover up my mistake either. I am admitting to my mistake and will make sure that the green card petition is cancelled so that I will not jeopardize my chances of getting my student visa extended as my student visa is more important to me than a green card.
Thank you for being so understanding and accommodating of my situation.

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