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Published 04 Jan 2017

Positive behavior at work starts by the management itself. The manager in charge should think positively about the people he is leading before such people can be positive about the work they are doing. The major reason for promoting positive behavior is to create environment where responsibility and relationships are central to the process of production. Therefore the organizing director should come up with ways of developing good behavior amongst his own management before transferring it to the workers. In this case the director should provide a good example to other workers. According to Allen N. Mendler (2005), he gives easy to use strategies for preventing responding to negative behavior in a way that will maintain dignity and promote positive behavior.

For any organization to develop positive behavior among its workers, its communication channels should be up to date. Good communication channels will help reduce misunderstanding among the worker making them to concentrate on their work. Through good communication channels the organizational goals will be explained to the workers in details. This is therefore a responsibility of the organization to make sure that every worker knows the goals of the organization. This can be achieved through internal seminars organized by the management. In these seminars the workers are given information that will help them understand the organization better.

They are also allowed to make inquiring pertaining to the running of the organization. In these meetings the organization also explains its structure to the workers and the chain of command that exists between the various departments. With this understanding the workers will develop a positive behavior at worker. This will also reduce conflicts among worker since every person will know his duties.

Transparency that exists in the organization will also help creating positive behavior in workers. When we have transparency, workers will be confident with their leaders, they will be ready to associate with them and identify with them. With this the worker will be ready to work towards the development of the company without complaining. Transparency will boost the worker morale since it shows that they are valued in the running of the organization. Transparency will also be seen through the preparation of annual statement and giving of correct financial statements. The statements should clearly spell out the role of the workers in the success of the firm.

Positive behavior will be developed when we have open forums between the management and the workers. In these forums the management will give their expectation to the worker. They will explain and emphasize on the goals of the firm. The workers on the other hand will air out their complaints views to the management. After this meeting a more fear management strategy will be formed that will favor both workers and the management. Open forums will ensure that policies in the management of the firm are put forward by the worker who are the implementers of the same policies. This will promote positive behavior among worker since they will view the management as part of the workers. Sugai, G. Horner, R.H., & Gresham, F.M. (2002), say that open forum creates an effective environment for development of positive behaviors.

Positive behavior can be promoted among the workers through motivation. There should be motivation that will discourage workers from engaging in negative behaviors and that that will encourage them to keep up with positive behavior. When a worker is found doing things not considered positive should be denied some privileges but those with positive behavior should be rewarded. For example those who show positive behavior should be made leader. This will help those with negative behavior to change so as to get such rewards. According to Association International Conference, Mehdi Khosrowpour – Business & Economics (2004), motivation can be achieved through technology. Technology provides various perspectives on issues surrounding the management. Some of the problems that worker encounter can be solved using technology.

The leader in the organization should also cultivate a good environment with there worker. This will give them a chance to know worker better. Worker will also see the management as people sharing a common goal and not punishment givers. When a smooth relation ship exists between workers and management the case of defiling authority will be less. This therefore helps in building positive behavior among worker. Thomas, A. & Grimes, J. (Eds.), (2002) says that it is important for the management to know its worker psychologically so as to establish the best way of dealing with them.

The organization should come up policies that will promote positive behavior. Policies like good time management, respect to authority, beating dateline and among others can help develop good behavior. The organization should have a clear way of dealing with those that defile these policies. The policies should apply to every level of management and the consequences should never be compromised.

The management should also come up with disciplinary measure to those that develop negative behaviors. This disciplinary actions should be known to every worker and apply to every inpidual irrespective of the title he/she holds. This will discourage workers from developing negative behavior and promote positive behavior.

Every inpidual should own up his/her mistakes. Therefore in case of any problem within the firm, the people involved will be accountable. This will help worker to develop positive behavior. Those found with negative behavior will be forced to face the consequences of their behavior.

The organization should also come up with a way of promoting responsibility and problem solving methods. This can be down by allowing dedication of duties in departments. When duties are dedicated it gives opportunities to some workers to exercise their potential hence developing their confidence and a positive behavior. The workers should also be in a position to solving problems that might arise in the organization. This will provide workers with ability work in a dynamic environment hence developing positive behavior in them.

The management should also be ready to help workers in the handling of tough moments and difficult situations. In case of misfortune on the part of the workers, the management should come in and offer its support. For example when a worker falls sick or is death the organization should come and fell with the workers. Such acts of kindness by the organization are always rewarded by positive behavior.

The language used in communicating to the worker is a powerful tool in behavior development. When the workers are used to abusive language they will develop a negative behavior that is mostly a bullying behavior especially to their juniors. Good language develops cohesion and understanding among worker. This will enhance positive behavior and high production. According to Mahler (1975) good language will promote bonding among the worker which is important for emotional behavior development.


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