Specific Populations and Advocate Role

Published 29 Nov 2016

I chose to discuss the issues regarding children and this specific population’s concerns that need to be addressed by society. The discussion continues to elucidate how I shall be able to contribute to resolving these issues and concerns as an advocate for the welfare of children. Children, as young as they are, are incapable of protecting themselves and providing for their primary needs. It is the sole responsibility of parents to nurture their children and do all means possible to bestow upon them their basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, education, as well as their emotional and social needs. Children need guidance from parents in order to make the right decisions and lead successful and meaningful lives as they continue to grow. I believe, these ideas focus on the rights of the children and their specific needs and demands.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) keeps records of numerous cases wherein victims of crimes are children. Violation of children’s rights and crimes committed against them include sexual abuse, child trafficking, kidnapping, child labor, and abandonment, among others. (FBI) The Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC) conducts research studies to determine human rights violations and crimes that are being committed to children. Most cases involve domestic violence, sexual abuse, juvenile prostitution, kidnapping, etc. (CCRC) Facts from both organizations, the FBI and the CCRC, prove that children are being victimized and people should be aware of these crimes and violations and be able to come up with resolutions in order to advocate for the rights of the children.

Being part of society, and obtaining all these knowledge about crimes committed against children, I take it as my responsibility to advocate for their rights. I believe society, especially the government, should take this as their responsibility as well because the children belong to the next generation. They will be leading the nation when they grow up, and they need moral and emotional guidance to show them what is right from wrong. Perhaps, the first and most important thing that I should be involved with is educating the people about the rights and the needs of children. People should be aware of significant information such as human rights and other laws that protect children against violence and abuse, etc., the developmental needs of children, including their psychological, emotional, and social needs, and most importantly facts and figures that illustrate the crime rate and the specific crimes that children experience, such as rape, sexual abuse, trafficking, violence, etc. Moreover, people should be aware of how these crimes affect children and how they can help in order to avoid these crimes from taking place. Educational discussions with all members of the society, especially families, neighbors, educational institutions, religious organizations, and other cause-oriented groups, to raise their awareness about the importance of addressing the needs of children. Educating the people allows them to understand the situation of children, and raise their vigilance against these types of crimes.

In order to successfully accomplish this aim, being a member of advocate groups will take me one step further in resolving these issues. I feel that I can do more if I become involved with a larger group with a similar advocacy. For instance, joining CCRC will make it easier to conduct research on new patterns of crimes that are committed against children, the specific age group, profile of offenders, etc. If the substantial information is obtained from research, it speeds up the process of information dissemination, not to mention empowers claims that shall be appealed to the government. Being part of an advocate group and inciting support from the people through educational discussions, strengthens the declarations that shall be passed to the government in order to acknowledge the issues encircling children.

If the government listens to the concerns of the children, they will be able to implement several laws and programs that protect children from crimes of violence and abuse. Programs may include neighborhood watch for crimes of domestic violence and child abandonment, job openings for those who have been forced to get into juvenile prostitution and street crimes, welfare programs and institutions that take in abandoned and street children into their care and also fund raising programs to support these children, desk committees for children who want to speak up about crimes committed against them, etc. Just simply being part of these programs and supporting these laws would be a great way to continuously support this advocacy for children.


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