Starting My Own Business

Published 23 Oct 2017

Being students, all we’ve ever wanted after school is to have a stable job – something that is related to our specialization and to the degree that we have taken in college. As for me, after my education, I would like to put up a restaurant.

As a kid, putting up my own business has always been one of my dreams. When I graduate from high school, I plan to go to a school specialized in culinary arts. I would like to learn the different kinds of dishes all over the world – the ingredients they use, the dishes they cook, the different sensations of the food and the distinct characteristics of cuisine in every culture.

Before I start my own business, I would first work in a restaurant or in a food chain, perhaps, to gain knowledge in the management of restaurants. After that, I would work in other related fields to be able to save and earn the money that I would use in putting up my own business. I can also franchise from other food chains to gain experiences that would be very helpful in my own endeavor. That could also be a means for acquiring profits. As for the ingredients that I would use, I would search for companies that produces quality raw materials for the set of menu that I would have. This would take a lot of research. My investigation would first, start on the dishes that I would like to serve my customers with. This would be the basis of the raw materials that I would need and have delivered in my restaurant.

I would like to have my first restaurant to be located in an area where many travelers pass by and eat. I would also like to start first with a very simple restaurant. Something that offers dishes that is native to my location to attract the consumers in the area. Since as time passes by, we learn different things in our undertakings, I would expand my restaurant to new ventures. I can assess the nationality of the people that mostly travel in the area and eats in my restaurant. Then, after sometime, I will include cuisines that are native to the tourists that often eat in my restaurant. That would be great since I would have something new to offer them. I would improve the efficiency of the staff, the enjoyment of the ambiance of the place and the quality of the food. From time to time, I would asses, with my staff, many important things about the restaurant so that we can adapt to the different changes that are taking place. For instance, the trend of the visitors in the area is changing. Hence, I might as well do some changes in the menu that I will offer. This can also go with the seasons. There are special ingredients that vary every special season of the year. Some are available only during summer while the others are accessible during the winter season. I should take this into consideration to maintain the stability of my restaurant, that is, it is able to become accustomed to the different changes.

After a while, if the income of the restaurant is enough to build new branches in other parts of the country, I would like to expand the restaurant so that many people will be able to have an access on my restaurant. Being grateful for the accomplishments that I have had so far, I want to share my success with other people. After all, sharing would always be the best part of every success.


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