Work At Home and Be Your Own Boss

Published 28 Jul 2017

How long have you been out of work? Or if you are at work, are you the traditional eight to five office worker or the non-traditional entrepreneur, who works wherever and whenever the job requires you? If you the traditional, 40-hrs a week professional, how much time do you really have to spend from home to work and back? And how much time have you really been productive? Do you like being pushed around and told what to do every single waking hour of the day? Are you satisfied at how things are in the office: with the bundy clock that tells you that you should have been 10 minutes earlier so that your pay slip would not have been deducted even a single cent? Or just having to be with people that you do not really want to be working with around? How about the paper works that file up on your table that needs to be finished by the day’s end or else you will be reprimanded by your boss? What about last week when you have to do somebody else’s job on top of what you are already doing just because you have just come in a week or so and new employees are treated that way?

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What about the daily commutes? How many times have you got to wake up earlier than usual even if it is a Monday morning and you have just had a long night with your sick baby? Or consider the stench of other travelers you smell while on board a PUB since you still can’t afford to buy a car of your own….well, even if you have your own car, you can’t drive it today since your plate number ends with a number that is not allowed to travel for that particular day.

Have you missed an important event because you have to stay over time to finish a paper that’s due on the same day as that special day of one of your kids?

On the other hand, if you are the non-traditional employee, have you ever thought of having to do a job where you won’t be pushed around and told where and when to be at a specific time? Or has it crossed your mind if there are other opportunities where you could do the things you like most, whenever and wherever you are…even in your pajamas?

These are just some of the questions that this book will answer. Practical tips on where and how you may start working at home, where you can manage your time and your resources and at the same time enjoy what you do. Readers will learn how to earn using his computer and his spare time to generate monthly income.

Content Outline:


Chapter I Turn your PC into a money-making machine
Chapter II Consider Your Work Attitude (What kind of person are you? Are you are writer? If a writer, would you rather be a fiction or a non-fiction writer? Or are you apt to working repetitive jobs? Would you consider networking instead? Or would you rather try your hands on multiple online businesses? What about investing? Does this appeal to you?)
Chapter III Transform your thoughts into words: A Practical Guide To Article Writing; Some online sites that offer pay-per-visit; Online-Article Submission Companies
Chapter IV Blog for Profit (Practical Tips for Starters, Pay-Per-Blog sites)
Chapter V Research Writing: Earn While You learn (What is research writing?; What are the benefits of research writing?; Practical guide for research writers; Online companies offering careers on research writing)
Chapter VI Teach Online (Is there any subject you feel comfortable sharing with others? Impart knowledge, meet people and earn at the same time. Includes tips on online teaching)
Chapter VI I Receive Pay-Per-Post (Earn as you socialize and talk about anything under the sun; Guide when doing pay-per post; sample pay-per-post sites)
Chapter VIII Low Yield (LYOI) vs. High Yield Online Investment (HYOI) (What these are? What are the pros and cons? List of online companies offering LYOI and HYOI)
Chapter VIX General Guidelines in looking for the most profitable and best suited work at home opportunities


Book Description: Work At Home and Be Your Own Boss addresses one of the most common concerns but least given consideration by a lot of people (those working, those out of work due to physical condition, stay-at-home moms or dads, college drop outs, retirees), that is the work alternative that gives one the pleasure of working at home. This is intended to be written in an 80-100 pages coffee-table type book.

Market Description: To be written for the benefit of a variety of employees and non-employed. Even those who are still in college who might want to earn extra will also find this book not just entertaining but profitable as well.

Colleges that might find this book significant and include this to its current syllabus includes but not limited to the following (English Department for the chapters on writing and Business Administration for the articles on e-commerce)

Author Description: A work at home mom who spends most of her time with her three-year old child. She is also a former college instructor who taught Communication subjects. She also had prior experience in radio and also had experience working for government agencies as well as for a foreign-based company engaged in marketing and distribution of computer-related products.


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