Living a Green Life at Home and Work

Published 08 Dec 2016


As the century move towards the beginning of the modern century, the entire populace is faced with the different complications and problems of our environment and the living planet in general. Citizens are constantly surrounded by many issues in politics and economic instability but issues concerning the environment are less publicized to the public. Social and environmental awareness is the key factor in determining and understanding the situation. Global activism is another great help to disseminate the information like the issue regarding plunder of the oceans because fishermen are catching less and less fish due to enormous overfishing by industrialized pirate fishing corporations (Greenpeace, 2007). Climate campaign is being launched by different environmental organizations because of the increasing global temperature.

Looking at a bigger picture is a huge responsibility and committing one’s entire life helping in the conservation of the people’s planet is sometimes exhausting but really a great dedication and obligation. John Lennon once said, “You either get tired fighting for peace or die,” same is true for environmental conservationists who defended the planet from exploitation, they are the ones who were left and some died. In this paper, the author will address the problems of the environment and how can the citizens manage to help in addressing solutions and alternative, practical answers. Results

With reference to World Wild Fund for Nature, twenty percent of the world’s species may be eradicated by the year 2025 and the following indicators are getting worst everyday: the global destruction of non-human species, devastation of the forests, coral reefs, species of fish, deterioration of biological habitats, contamination of water and air, the increasing dangers of chemicals, use of chemicals and fertilizers, making of pesticide resistant species, global warming, creation of weapons of mass destruction, and use of unhealthy forms of energy (World Future Fund, 2007). Hazardous wastes from households are becoming one of the causes of global warming, it includes asbestos, acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, oily rags, dross, fluorescent tubes, computer monitors, TV screens, batteries, old cars, and hazardous liquids. In general, the entire populace is facing a rapid destruction and needs a massive campaign and information dissemination.

Discussion and Conclusion

Since the entire populace is in deep trouble, citizens can start off with small things that could be a great step towards a greener life and positive outcome. Lack of awareness seems to be the first step in addressing to the people and make them understand on what they can do. Citizens could incorporate the awareness drive the need to use and purchase less chemical components on things that the people buy especially those in the household and kitchen and even at work, always remember that people should recycle, reduce and reuse things that still beneficial to everyday life (Garden, 1999).Citizens must perceive to move towards greening lifestyles and greener living to avoid and end the destruction of the living planet. It is true as mentioned earlier that a great amount of species will be terminated if not given emphasis by major organizations and agencies.

Sustainable development and wise practice and implementation of environmental policies should be taken seriously (Garden, 1999). From the kind of food that people generate and utilize, wastes of big companies and factories, to the chemicals that are used in the grounds, lawns, and gardens, the air pollutant that are produced, the trash that are consciously and unconsciously created, and conventional lifestyles are the very main reason why the environment is degraded, it is with every inpidual that should start the spark to generate positive result and making a difference in the for the welfare of the entire humanity. The situation should not limit one’s capability to help conserve our environment and even simple things that people can do is a great beginning to start a great step forward.


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