Steroids and Muscle Growth

Published 01 Dec 2016

Steroids can be taken as pills or injected by individuals who wish to gain muscle growth and at the same time increase lean body mass. It has many approved medical uses but people tend to abuse this drug in order to improve their physical appearance. The illegal use of these drugs brings out many health hazards (The National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], 2008).

Steroids is said to possess positive effects in the recovery of patients since it brings out faster recovery because of cortisol being produced to help the body handle stress. It also helps the body to recover from injuries or to exercise more (Swain, 2007). Reducing body fats is also one good effect of steroids. Steroid users shed body fat due to an increase in their metabolic rate. Other medical professionals think that steroids reduce body fat because more mitochondria are grown in cells which help oxidize fat (Swain, 2007). Steroids also enhance muscle size by means of increasing the amount of nitrogen in the body and allow more production of protein that paves the way for producing more muscles. “[M]uscles will start to grow even if [one does not] exercise them. They will grow even bigger if [one would] train regularly” (Swain, 2007). For illnesses like osteoporosis, arthritis, some types of cancers, and blood disorders, steroids are also used to regulate the production of red blood cells and by increasing bone density.

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Taking higher dosage of steroids alone cannot provide muscle growth. In order to enhance muscle growth, steroids should be taken along with rigorous physical training. A person who want to have bigger muscles must also be placed under a high-protein diet exercise program before and during anabolic steroid administration (The Anabolis Mall, 2005). Reasons for Steroids Abuse

According to The National Institute of Drug abuse, the main reason why people take an overdose of steroids is that they want to improve their capability in doing sports activities. Taking steroids would increase their muscle size faster and at the same time enhance their appearance by eliminating body fat (NIDA, 2008). Other reasons related to steroids abuse are peer encouragement and the influence of famous athletes who use steroids. There are also findings that prove how helpful steroids are for females who wish to lose fat immediately and gain lean muscles in their bodies (NIDA, 2008).

The Disadvantages of Using Steroids For Men

The use of steroids can be harmful for men, especially if they use the drug excessively. Taking steroids can result in physical changes such as “baldness, growth of breasts, and shrinking of testicles” (NIDA, 2008). It can also have other biological effects such as reduced sperm count and infertility. Men who use steroids are also at risk of having prostate cancer. The skeletal growth of a person is also premature when using steroids (NIDA, 2008). The Disadvantages of Using Steroids For Women

Women who use steroids may suffer from problems in menstruation and may even stop menstruation altogether. The use of steroid can also have physical effects such as development of excessive hairs on the face and other body parts, male-pattern baldness, enlargement of the clitoris, and decreased breast size (NIDA, 2008).

Using steroids may also lead to high-risk diseases like cervical and endometrial cancer. Their bone growth is also affected. Urine problems are also experienced by women who use steroids and the quality of voice also changes and become more deepened (NIDA, 2008).

Although using steroids can help speed up the recovery of patients and the muscle growth of bodybuilders, it should never be taken in excess. When overdosed, steroids can have harmful effects to the body and may cause the user to be sterile.


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