Thing of Utmost Importance

Published 10 Apr 2017

Life gives and offers a lot of things and introduces us a number of people who becomes special in our lives. However, these things and people who are significant to our lives may leave in the future. We may or may not be aware, things and people stick on to us and bestow us knowledge, learning, realizations and experiences. Fashion designing, as a vital and important aspect of my life, fulfills me and nourishes my soul.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been amazed on how people manage to choose their clothes, shoes and bags and pair them in a sense that it will fit their fashion statements. Fashion, as defined, is the prevailing trend or custom. It is something, such as dress and garments, that is in the currently favored by the majority of the people. Fashion is also a form of art for some, and it is almost a religion for others. It is the manner of using and utilizing clothing, hair and accessories to reveal something about one’s self (Nellis, 2009). Indeed, fashion is an expression of one’s self. Personally, it enables me to divulge my hidden desires and wants. It allows me to be myself and sometimes, it permits me to become someone else. Fashion, as well as fashion designing, facilitates me to play games.

Designing is one of the most essential facets of the fashion world. Everything revolves on designs. However, it is not that easy because a designer needs to have a lot of strength and determination to sustain this profession in the long run. I, myself, have been immensely challenged by fashion designing. It has been one of my weaknesses because its tests and challenges manipulate me to push more on my limit and direct me to break those limitations. It lets me go beyond what I know and what I can do.

Fashion designing makes me speak my life. I reveal myself, my character, my emotions and my experiences in my designs. Every time I craft a design, I indeed bestow my full concentration and focus so that it can penetrate my being. It makes me play and summon my imagination and creativity. I learn to manage fashion’s changing atmosphere every now and then because the styles and trends just come and go. Designing leads me to realize a myriad of things when it comes to fashion and the designing per se that is why I consider it as a significant aspect of my life because it opens my eyes and mind into diverse perspectives. It makes me more open when it comes to things and it allows me to explore without being scared of the unknown and of rejections.

I am fond of textures and colors. The combination of colors fascinates me. Every time I think of a design, I let it play in my mind together with the colors and textures so that when I begin working on it in a paper, I will not have difficulty. Imagination aids me in giving birth to my blueprints. My ability and skill in drawing has also helped me a lot. I have a keen eye for details because I tend to observe things with full attention. These are some of the reasons why I immerse in the field of fashion designing. My passion for it is innate and during the process of my development, knowledge and experiences are also of great help.

Fashion designing, personally and based on my own theories, exists because of four important things. These are also the reasons why it is of immense significance to me and to my life.

First, fashion designing exists because fashion exists. Without fashion, fashion designing will not exists. If clothes, garments, dresses, shoes and accessories are not discovered, fashion will never be born, and so as designing. These elements – clothes, fashion and designing – go and subsist hand in hand. I, a fashion designer, exist and live because fashion and designing exist.

Second, fashion designing manipulates fashion; fashion manipulates designers; and designer manipulates fashion. This is where I gather my imagination and creativity. The three aspects of the fashion world – fashion, designing and designer – maneuver and influence each other. Everything depends on time because there is an instance when a designer creates something in order to abide with the trend. On the other hand, there will also be a time when a designer seeks for new trends thus he or she controls fashion. The fashion world is very tricky wherein it dominates the enthusiasm and motivation of every designer to come up and to give birth with different designs that will create an impact on every class of the society.

Third, fashion designing seeks for fame and approval. Every designer yearns to be famous and well-known in the fashion world just like how an artist seeks for fame in the art world. Every design that is crafted needs to be scrutinized and criticized in order to aid in the development and progress of the designer. It gives learning and motivation to improve the designer’s skills and creativity. It enhances one’s imagination and viewpoints on fashion.

Because of fashion, I learned not to be scared of rejection. Rejection, for me, is not synonymous with failure because we all know that people have different taste and preferences in clothing and apparels. We have our own definitions and standards of fashion statement that will allow us to be our selves or to hide our true selves.

And lastly, fashion designing enables the designer to be him or herself. Fashion designing lets the designer explores on different and diverse personalities and characters. That is the beauty of fashion designing. It allows me to play and permits me to be myself or sometimes to hide my true self. It challenges me to craft different characters which sometimes, lets me become someone who is very much different from the real me.

Fashion designing, as an important aspect of my life, fulfills me and nourishes my soul because it enables me to do things and to achieve things I never thought I can. It allows me to go further than the unpredicted, to acquire a diverse definition of fashion, success and failure, to direct my thinking into different viewpoints, to enhance my skills and creativity, to exercise my imagination and to apply my knowledge. I breathe fashion. I eat and drink fashion. I live in fashion and I am devoted into it. Fashion designing has indeed made a difference in my life. It nurtures my heart and soul. It is my life. And I myself, is an expression of fashion.


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