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Published 14 Mar 2017

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This unit will be of great importance in my career. I have learnt many things concerning my country which are vital for me to be able to pursue political career and practice it. I learnt about the constitution as the supreme law that governs countries, example United States is governed by the constitution of the United States of America. It gives the structural organization of United States government which includes: The Executive, headed by the president .It gives guidelines on how to elect the president taking into consideration things like qualification, citizenship, age and the Oath to be administered to him or her. The legislative is a bicameral body consisting of the upper house as the senate and the lower house of the house of representative. It gives guide lines on the manner and conditions for one to be elected as a representative or senate. The judiciary describes the court system which dictates that there should be one Supreme Court which ii mandated to create lower courts.


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The other topic on federalism explains how power is shared between a central governing authority and the political units such as states or provinces. United state is a federal constitutional republic with fifty states and a federal district. More over, we tackled something on Civic rights and the public policy. civic right states that nobody should be discriminated basing him or her on color, race, religion, nationality or sex while public policy are the laws and actions that have been put in place by the United states to help in governing its citizens. Public policy is the ability of the citizens to contribute to the nation building by giving their suggestions on the issue.

In every government the mass media is an important tool that helps in passing information and more so political Agenda. In the lessons that I underwent in this class I learnt that mass media is the organization that gives information to the public either by written, spoken or sign medium. Political agenda is the plans that the politicians have for the nation and they are normally focused so much in the mass media.

Political parties are bodies that are formed by individuals so as to represent their political alignments. In the US there are two political parties i.e. the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. These parties are normally organized in way that the leaders who are chosen need to undergo nominations. This refers to the choosing an individual by either voting or by bestowing him the leadership in honour. These leaders have to campaign however so that they can get the leadership and this refers to the act of convincing the individuals so that they can vote for a person.

Elections refer to the act of electing individuals during the particular day that is set aside. The elections of the US normally are well organized and free and fair. The voting beahaviour refers to the trend in which the voters are following i.e. the number of people that turn out during the elections day constitute the voting behaviour. Interest groups are those groups that get attention to a particular thing and they try to find out the cause and effect of the issue. An interest group can be the media.

The congress is the supreme organ that draws the laws of a state especially the US. The congress of the US of the upper house as the senate and the lower house of the house of representative and they are the bodies that are responsible for making the laws of the US. Presidency is the supreme powers that are vested on the individual who runs the country and it’s normally obtained through electing an individual by voting. The person with the highest number of votes emerges to be the president.

The Congress, President and the budget are related in a manner that the president and the congress are normally responsible for the making the budget of the country. A budget is an organ that states the expenditure and the expected incomes that the country expects to get in a particular year. The US states are organized in form in which it forms the federal bureaucracy. This implies that every state has the rights to conduct their own activities without the interference from other states e.g. they draw their own rules and laws and cannot be influenced in doing so.

The federal courts are the bodies that are in charge with implementing cases that arise from misconduct by individuals. The courts in the US are organized in a manner that there are the local; courts and at the top is the high court. The case hearing therefore follows all this procedure and at the end he lands into the high court. Economic policymaking is process whereby the government makes plans are geared towards proper economic plans in the state in the year. Every year the government distributes some funds to each state which they use to run their activities. Social welfare policymaking on the other hand is the focus by the government on policies that concentrate on the social welfare of the individuals.

Policymaking for Health Care and the Environment is the plans that are set up by the government so as to aid in keeping the environment safe and also providing the best welfare activities to the patients. The government of the US has a body that is responsible for making proper laws that aid in these issues. National Security Policymaking is the act of planning the best policies that need to be executed so that the citizens can get security in their places of work and in their homes. The US government has a strong security system in place which constitutes of the minister for security and constitutes the forces and the police who are responsible for keeping the security of the state and the citizens of the states.


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