Why You Are In This Class, Or College?

Published 06 Jun 2017

Following my heart’s desire, love for the discipline, and my acute wish to be with animals, I decided to venture into veterinary studies so as to help animals to enjoy favorable lives on earth. My great yearning to live with the animals has made me to take the responsibility of learning about their treatment. This longing developed two years ago when my 3 colleagues and I traveled to Africa whereby I saw a very sick animal which was towards its death.

No one was conversant with the medical technology of tending to the animal which was too sick to move away from the road. My colleagues and I alighted from the car and shockingly discovered that the animal was almost dead. From that time, a great desire started in me till I decided to indulge in this discipline. It gives me satisfaction when I learn how to handle animals which include my pets which I enjoy playing with during my free time. Whenever they are sick, I apply my acquired skills on them. This provides me with an ideal laboratory exposure as I undertake practical veterinary activities. As if to nurture my urge of playing with animals and pets, my parents have a huge ranch that has all kinds of domestic animals. Due to the aging of my parents, if have a burning desire to know the symptoms which the animals may show as signs of a forthcoming sickness (Pattengale, 2004). These skills can help me to curb possible deaths among the animals when my parents are finally unable to go to the ranch. I will be obligated to run the ranch. A concrete background in animal diseases will thus be of great importance to my future career.


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