What I Have Learned in Class

Published 29 Mar 2017

Speech Class is not really my forte, I can’t say that I am good at it but I am also not that bad it. Speech used to be just a subject for me that is required in college that everybody has to take no matter what program a student is majoring in. Little did I know that our Speech class and the lessons that I have learned, and would still be learning from it would benefit me as a businessman in the future—I have learned to give information, make persuasive speeches, making an outline of speeches, the use of visual aids and resources, recognizing the audience, and many more. To sum up, the most beneficial thing that I ever got from our Speech class is the development of my public presentation skills. This particular skill would help me in my future as a businessman.

For me, giving information is the primary reason for giving out speeches. And for that, I am glad that I have learned how to do this properly through our Speech class. Learning how to give information through speeches would help me be a more effective businessman than others. The nature of my future career would be basically about selling things to people. Learning how to give information properly on how the products or services that I provide mean the success of my career. Misinformed customers are not good in business. Consumers would have to be aware of the products and services that they avail. In the future, I could do some speeches giving the specifications of whatever product or service I am trying to sell. The more consumers understand what they are getting from their money, the more likely they would come back and avail the product or service that I have previously sold to them.

Success in business is all about business talk. It is an art actually. A product or service could not really be as effective as it claims but through business talk, a businessman can make even the worst of products, sell. “Business talk” is the way businessmen persuade consumers to buy a product or service. Knowing how to persuade consumers to buy is what the businessman is made for, if not for this skill, a businessman would be of no use and should consider a different career to take.

But before I could even write the first draft of any speech, I should learn first how to make an outline of it. Businessmen are busy people and not having an outline could mean the difference between sealing a deal and losing a client. An outline saves time; it gives a sense of direction into the speech. For businessmen who have little time, an outline could mean the difference between a sealed deal or losses in profit.

Sometimes, when the speaker is not really that good in verbal communication, really good visual and properly researched materials would be enough to persuade a consumer to purchase something. Sometimes it is even preferred by clients who are way too busy to sit down and listen to a speech. A mere glance is enough for them to judge whether a product or service would be worth their money and time. This is the time when learning how to do visual aids and research materials properly would come in handy. A visually stunning presentation would be more appealing than a well researched presentation but that does not mean using proper resources should not be considered. Having the correct information is equally important as having an appealing information.

Last lesson that would be beneficial for me as a businessman in the future is recognizing the audience. People are very diverse and often the speaker has to do a little research or background checks on the people he or she is about to encounter so that what the speaker is going to say is sensitive to the culture of the audience. Recognizing the audience also means how the audience is taking the speech the speaker is giving them. Knowing the temperaments of the audience could save a speech. The speaker should adjust accordingly depending on how the audience receives him or her. Mellow down if they are becoming hostile, or perk up when the audience appears uninterested.

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