What is business?

Published 31 Mar 2017

Business is the most important thing some one career, if you can cooperate with your customers, then your business will be successful. No one want to do business with a rude or mean business partner. Cause they wouldn’t work with your company again, if your manger or boss was rude or out of order then you wouldn’t want to work with them. Your job, company, or business should be taken serious but not to the point that you take it to the extreme. You should also have time for your self, family and friends, cause you job will be right here when you die, it will be left for someone else to do. So basically what am saying is that your job should be your job and not your life, have fun doing your job.

Some new business ideas.

Your business should be a fun place where not only can you work but also relax. And it should be the same way for other people too.

  • One you should have a place where people can just chill, relax, think, and have fun.
  • Two you should have a place where people can just spend time working.
  • Three you need a place where people can just spend time with their family.
  • Four have a place where people can eat.
  • Your business should be a place for people to relax and make them want to keep coming back.
  • Your job should make you feel proud of what you’re doing
  • It should be the first thing that comes to someone mind when they think about relaxing
  • Relaxing
  • Fun
  • Family
  • Food
  • Work
  • Happy
  • Thinking
  • You should feel comfortable working at your job any time.

Your job should not only be a place or thing that you do to gain money, or because you have to, but something you do for fun. Something you do cause you like it, it makes you feel happy. You should be able to make profit while having fun and relaxing without any problems. You should know how to cooperate with your partners and customers. Your number one rule in your business should be, never work with your family, they will only take advantage of you. Business is business never let no one don’t matter who it was take advantage of you in your business.

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