What to do Evening newscast on local television station

Published 24 Apr 2017

The news story entitled “French President Sarkozy Has a Model Wife” confirms the speculations of the marriage between the president and the model. It provides evidences and actual video clips and interviews to support the content of the news, more specifically about the marriage. Somehow, the issues about the credibility of President Sarkozy to rule the French people were stated to be the result of his marriage. The story tells that other people believe that the president is being more concerned with his personal life rather than the country that he should be serving.

Evening newscasts or news reporting as a whole should be able to inform people about the relevant issues that are happening around them, both local and foreign. In addition to this, it should not simply barge in into other people’s lives just to get a scope without any strong evidence to support what they tell the audience. Truth should always be reported without any biases.

I normally watch these types of news. I believe that understanding the events which takes places not only within my locality but also to the other countries, would greatly help me in understanding how the world works. Furthermore, these types of news greatly boost my knowledge or improve my appreciation of other countries. They give me an external point of view of looking at things. On the other hand, I also watch weather forecasts, sports and local news to improve my point of view from my own local or town. With these types of news, I am able to put into good use the knowledge that I acquire from school such as criticizing the news or its contents. I could also use the knowledge which I receive or obtain from these types of news and apply it to my daily routine such as in the case of sports news.

Overall, I think that the news was reported well and the reporter was prepared, though mistakes can happen even to a knowledgeable and talented news anchor. At the very start of the 10:50 p.m. broadcast of the news entitled “French President Sarkozy Has a Model Wife”, when she was about to pass the introduce Sheila Macvicar, she stuttered or committed a speech impediment. The main anchor should not commit these mistakes regularly because it would decrease her credibility or the credibility of the report. She was smiling while introducing the reporter of the news. It can be considered that the main anchor was calm enough to smile and continue the introduction without any further speech impediment or it can be that she was smiling because she committed mistake while rendering a live report.

In the case of the reporter, Sheila Macvicar, I believe that she had done a good job in reporting or conveying the message or information about the topic. She was able to infect a distinct message that she wanted to convey to the audience through direct news report. Furthermore, she was able to provide evidences or sources for her report, which shows that she definitely did her homework. At the very beginning of her report, she was able to show the source of her information. She used a clip from a news broadcast or from French television news as a “thesis statement” or introduction of what she was going to report. The contents of her report are also supported by visuals and interviews. An example was the use of a camera shot on the caterers and florists for the wedding to support her claim that indeed, the president and the model had a marriage. She also used a press release made by the president to support her claim or statement that the president indeed wants to marry the model. However, she shouldn’t have used one interview from a local French woman to support the information that she conveyed regarding the thoughts of the French people. She should have conducted a survey or obtained more responses from a larger population sample.

The story was fair in the point of view of rendering a truthful report since there were no speculations or ideas which are broadcasted without support. Almost every claim or statement that the reporter said was supported by evidences. Though, it can be unfair in the part of the model. She was reported to be greatly attached to powerful men, and her feelings or real motives were not gathered or taken into account. The allegation could be wrong and that she could just be simply in love with the president. The story was unbalanced. Almost 3/4 of the report was solely on the wedding, and then it was shifted to the report about the credibility of the president at 1/4 of the report. I believe that there should be balance and the report should focus on one or two topics fairly.

I have learned that the events that happen on the life of a candidate, especially for presidency, greatly affect his credibility, whether it is personal or not. I also had the understanding that individuals who have less privacy, such as in the case of a model, controversies would always appear, even if you start a new life. I would have added reports about the point of view of other people about the marriage. The marriage somehow affected the credibility or popularity of the president, therefore, it would be best to add an interview of the president or the model to get their opinions regarding the issue. I would have left out the story about the model being attracted to powerful men. Somehow, the topic should focus more on the marriage and its effect on the candidacy of the president.

I expected the main anchor to be really good when it comes to delivering the news. Furthermore, I assumed that since she is a regular news anchor and an event chair, she won’t commit any mistakes during the broadcast. However, this was not true. She stuttered during her introduction which somehow upsets the flow of the report and the audience’s attention was somehow focused on that mistake rather to the reported or topic being introduced.

I expected the report to contain more relevant issues. The marriage of the president and the model could have been taken into account to understand or analyze the impacts of a candidate’s personal life to social and political issues.

On the contrary, I did not expect that the reporter would be able to provide sufficient data or supporting details about her report. I thought that the report would simply be full of hearsays and gossips to decrease the popularity of both the president and the model. I also did not expect that the news about the marriage would end in a way that it introduces another topic and somehow leaves it hanging. The audience could somehow feel that there is something missing or that the report is incomplete after watching the report. Overall, I think that the report or newscast was effective and was able to show the opinions and conclusions made by the reporter clearly. The news report was not totally biased in giving or sharing information to its audience. The news also provokes the audience to learn more about the news and leaves the audience wanting more.

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