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Published 27 Apr 2017

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The physical characteristics of a person are mainly used to affiliate a person to a certain group of people something commonly known as race. On basis of this, there has risen the problem of discrimination among the various races whereby one group considers itself more superior while others are inferior to it. In regard to social systems, racism has been noted to cause oppression and denying access to opportunities and privileges of one of the groups in the system.

America has been on high rise in recording racism where the most affected groups are Asian American, Africa American, and American Jews among other groups and their descendants. The major contributors to the issue of racism in the current world include ethnicity, religion, language, gender, age among others despite the fact that every human being is entitled equality in dignity and rights. In his childhood, Obama faced various challenges by the fact that he was fathered by an African. A woman is noted by Obama to openly speak against him always when she noted that they shared an elevator. This woman also denies apology to him even after the realization that they all reside within the same building. To depict well the levels of racism, Obama noted in the pitch that the whites have a strong believe that the blacks are just but niggers who deserve not to beat the whites in any competition. This is said in the presence of the young boy in his childhood. In the course of his education, he also notes the mixed and different races among the classmates (Obama, 1996).

Women and Racism

Women are more vulnerable to racism in the countries of the world as compared to men. They are considered the weaker sex and thus the inferior gender as compared to men. Despites this, women are always aware that they are taken as the weaker sex but they have all the right to equality in the society. Racism carries with it sentimental aspects of arrogance as well as cruelty upon those of the inferior group as termed in the social system. This serves as the leading foundation where women fall under oppressive and inhumane situations like rape (Davis, 1981).

In the workforce, racism is clearly depicted in the firms and industries dominated by men. Despite the fact that women have same or even better qualification for certain jobs, men have been known to down look them because of the feeling that they cannot manage the jobs better than men. Various women have also been denied chances to prove their worth in men dominated careers like in the case of construction industry. In her assignment of duty, Susan was prevented from entering the premise of job by a guard despite the fact that she had all the required tools as required by the task in a claim that she looked more of a bomber than an apprentice electrician (Eisenberg, 1998).

In her attempt to include women in the construction trade, Susan fails to realize the target transformation despite her vision of recording history in the industry. Expressions rendered against the male interviewer by the women present serve also to show how men have for long taken the woman gender as incapacitated. A strive is noted to persist in this industry as women voices are heard to work as carpenters, ironworkers, electricians, among other construction trade jobs. Susan experiences a lot of hardship and discouragement within the industry because she is among men who think that she is misplaced. It is hard t cope and manages such jobs especially when the men around the woman are full of mistrust and hatred against the woman because of the kind of job she partakes. Since these cultures are tied to the men in the workforce, demolition requires profound policies and practices within the organization (Eisenberg, 1998).

Racism and Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are the people who move across the boundaries of nations without permission or acceptance by the countries of destination. Being aliens who are not recognized by the law of such countries of their presence, these people live in fear and desperation because they are unlawfully in these destinations. These immigrants have no grounds of seeking justice and rights because they are as a people who are around “no one and found nowhere”. They undergo all sorts of problems, traumatizing situations and are vulnerable to numerous risks due to their living conditions. To note these situations, Conover accompanied the Mexican American across the various borders something which put him in a good place to have an encounter with these situations. He sees them as incarnation victims of the time. These illegal American migrants are noted to be betrayed and abandoned thus filling their lives with all worries and scares. In this regard, these people are seen as outskirts without any means to fair treatment by the natives (Conover, 1987).


A comparison between these two groups depicts a lot of opportunities that lie within their reach. Though all vulnerable to racism of similar and different kinds, these groups have varying positions in the society to fight this back. To begin with, women have the right to claim for their equality and access to the various privileges as compared to the immigrants. Being natives, the females can fight racism through the various ways like labor movements and social justice campaigns publicly. On the other hand, immigrants are illegally present in the country of residence and thus live in fear and desperation of life. Due to this, they have minimal chances of fighting against racism in their various destinations. Moreover, the immigrants cannot organize themselves into groups to publicly fight racism as this may result to more problems on their side as opposed to women. Women are also advantaged of the support that they gain from the governments in their attempt to eliminate racism. Opposed to this is the perception of presence of immigrants in a nation by the government who take them as threats to the nation security.

It is in relation to this that females fighting racism are better placed than fight of racism from illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants have no grounds to facilitate any movement that will attract public view because of the fear and intimidation they live in. in conclusion therefore, it is therefore more hard to fight racism for illegal immigrants than it is for females.


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