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Published 27 Apr 2017

I was born half black American and half Sierra Leonian. My mom was black American and my father was Sierra-Leonian. I was born and raise here in the United States, being born and raised here my mom and dad are always there to guide me though there are times that we are being discriminated. There was one instance wherein my mom, grandmother and I went to the store to shop for school uniforms. The saleslady was white and she preferred to help white woman and her daughter. At that very moment there’s felt a pang of pain in my heart lot’s of question ran into my mind I want to ask her why is she like that but we just decided to never go back on that store because they don’t know how to respect people. After that incident my mom and dad emphasize to me the importance of education and everything that you do. They told me that if I want to achieved something in my life I should work hard for it just like what my father does.

He work so hard to give us proper education. My mom also told me that I should always stay focus on my education not like those other American-African girls whose primarily concerned are dating, gossiping, getting their nails done, beautiful clothes etc. because it will not do any good from me, it just serves as an distraction, and distraction won’t do any good. In addition to that, they told me that education is the best thing that they can give me, because it will help me achieved all the goals I have in my life and no one will manipulate and used me, and as a educated person we must emphasize to those people who discriminate us that though we are born with two different race we are a good person, with good hear and mind. Furthermore, on the story of Amy Tan’s “Rules of the Game” I felt a connection there between me and the character. On Rule’s of the Games I felt the connection between me and Waverly Place Jong a Chinese girl living on San Francisco’s Chinatown.. Just like her she also experienced being discriminated as a Chinese but amidst of that she still manage to stand on her own by learning on how to play chess. At first, she lose with her brother’s but what she did is she learned the technique by playing it over and over, she borrowed books from the library and studied each chess piece, and after studying and mastering all the tricks on how to play game and started to get some recognitions.

She joins lots of tournaments and defeat lots of American boys and girls. I had an experience way back on my senior year I joined a poetry and essay contest for NAACP, I won bronze medal for poetry but lost the essay contest. But it doesn’t hinder me to stop writing. I felt good and bad at the same time but what the most important is I know to myself that I can make difference. Not all people are gifted to have an ability to write a poem that’s why I really felt good when I won on the poetry contest and I also believe that “you cannot have the best of both worlds just be glad that one part of it came to you. White are black American is of two individuals who has a different identity, beliefs, ideas and behaviors, but it doesn’t mean that we should treat them differently. We need to respect who they are whether they are black or white. As of me, I’m proud being black American. I’m proud that my parents raise me to be a respectful, caring and loving individual.

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