When developing sales curriculum ​​​​​​​

Published 03 May 2017

When developing sales curriculum for a large multinational corporation instead of a brick-and-mortar school, there are many stakeholders involved. When developing sales curriculum for a large multinational corporation, it is important to focus not only on the customers, but also on the quality of the product and the stakeholders involved. The most important factors to consider when developing the sales curriculum would be; the CEO or chairman of the corporation, the Board of Directors, employees, and lastly, the marketing and development department.

The sales curriculum developer should be based around the CEO or chairman of the corporation, as well as his Board of Directors. The sales curriculum developed should be presented to the CEO and board of directors, as well as the sales and marketing department. The reason I chose in the CEO, and marketing department, as two of the most important facets of the multinational corporation is primarily because one, of their influence, and two, and their sales and marketing expertise. Before we present the product to the public, we have to make sure that a market is established, and that the product will sell (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2008).
Secondly, each stakeholder has an impact on the design, development, and implementation of the plan curriculum. For example, the CEO and board of directors of the multinational corporation must approve of the sales curriculum before any steps are taken in the sales or marketing of the product. These stakeholders have a tremendous impact on the design and development as well as implementation of our planed curriculum. Without the CEO and board of directors backing our product, it is sure to fail (Elliott, 2008).

Furthermore, the sales and marketing department must have a good marketing strategy in order for the product to succeed. A product without a marketing strategy is designed to fail (Kaplan, 2008). The sales and marketing team can help work out any problems that have been presented because of advertising, or marketing expenses. The sales and marketing department, as well as the Board of Directors, are the primary stakeholders in getting our product out to the public. Or sales curriculum must be based around, one a target market, and two, a solid marketing strategy.

The sales and marketing department should notice any key selling points about the product, as well as any revisions necessary for the sales curriculum itself. Our sales curriculum will be primarily targeted towards the CEO and his Board of Directors, leaving the employees of the corporation as the last to know. Although the employees of this multinational corporation are important, they are not the primary shareholders, and will not be affected as much as those at the top, such as those on the Board of Directors.

Certain curricular planning concerns that should be addressed for this context are time constraints as well as past sales records indicating sales figures from similar marketing campaigns. Furthermore certain stakeholders such as the Board of Directors and the marketing and sales department are not as likely to emerge in a local school district as they are in a multinational corporation. At a local school district, primary concerns are not selling a product, but educating the youth. In a multinational corporation, the primary concern is marketing and selling a product. A corporation is in business to make profits, as the school is in business to educate future generations. The curriculum presented to a school district will primarily be focused on educational needs, where as the curriculum presented for the multinational corporation described will be primarily sales based.

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