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Published 26 May 2017

Developmental psychology stresses the fact that the environment plays a major role in molding the level of motivation and interest among human beings. Consequently, if a student finds a certain institution to be academically competent, there also appears an inner urge of standard on how he or she may be able to survive with the “arena” which the individual may want to pursue and build one’s future. There are several institutions offering Physician Assistant Program, hence, finding the light of the capability of St. Louis University-Missouri has taken my interest and enthusiasm like a jolt of lightning. Perhaps there are numerous schools as well-renowned as St. Louis, but the atmosphere and the reputation of the school has fired up a deeper sense of passion of trusting the institution and continue building my dreams in the field I wish to finish through the help of highly competent set of faculty—diplomats, teachers with PhD’s, excellent laboratory mentors, highly experienced and world renowned practitioners.

In a world like today, to learn from “experts” is admirably the best move any student would want to linger onto. Aside from that, the university utilizes high-edged facilities for their students to learn up-to-date equipments which will enable us to perform our tasks well. Moreover, the main fact that St. Louis MO is broadcasted as a friendly town with a safe society, I may not only have the chance to acquire the best in clinical learning but enjoy the sagacity of the place as well as to learn with people possessing venerable personalities—factors which will also affect on my learning inasmuch as the kind of influences that I may have. Humans have needs and habits which requires the best that life may offer, being given the chance to pursue graduate studies and live a life mounting over “normal”—I believe to be admitted in ST. Louis University, Missouri-Physician Assistant Graduate Program will not only help me reach my dreams but mold me into a competent healthcare practitioner.


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