The Role of Work in our Lives

Published 05 Aug 2017

Work is an important part of almost everybody’s life, and people hold many different attitudes towards it. For example, some people enjoy physical labor, others experience the joy of craftsmanship, while still others work primarily for the money which will allow them to do other things they enjoy. This paper is an analysis about work and how it has affected our lives. Each individual has certain experience or notion about working. This paper gives the reader a chance to take a peek at other people’s about work and its effect in individuals. Each individual is also unique from one another in the sense that each has their own experiences and backgrounds on how to approach certain occupations.


Work is an integral part of being an adult. We get our first taste of the “real world” when we step inside an office. The office is a brand new environment especially for those who are fresh graduates. The workplace is a far cry from the usual classroom setting. It is a very fast paced environment that deals with different personalities where an inexperienced individual can easily get lost in. In order for individuals to cope with the workload inside the office they need to adjust to the environment quickly and effectively.

Inside the workplace, you do not answer to your teachers or classmates. There will be constant pressure from your boss or officemates about deadlines and things that need to be done as soon as possible. It is also important to know that inside the workplace we should act professionally and more matured compared to how we were used to back in high school or college. An employee must show a great deal of respect towards their colleagues and employer.

The experience that we acquire from working behind the desk or being in the field is important in our growth as individuals because we become more responsible and more independent in our endeavors. Work is also a medium in which we can advance our network of friends. We meet new friends and colleagues that would expand our horizons, socially and professionally.

Working to earn a living is very important nowadays because of different circumstances that affect our daily life. During our school days, our teachers would ask us what we want to be when we grow up. Some of us answer that we would like to be doctors, pilots and teachers. Our teachers then emphasized that we should strive in our education to achieve our dreams and goals in life. Back then we think about work as an escape from the hardships of being a student. Some of us would also think that we would rather work instead of getting an education. Other people prefer to work and study at the same time. These situations happen at our own discretion but I would say that working and studying should happen at a different point in our lives. The experiences that we have had during our school days are more adolescent and we tend to rush things. Our experiences that take place in the workplace should be more matured and calculated because our employment depends on the actions or non actions that we commit inside the workplace.

My attitude towards work is simple. Do whatever is asked of you and reap the benefits. I always believe in the saying “give credit where credit is due”. Not only does this saying inspire me to do well at work. I also apply these saying on a day to day basis. Work has shown me that we should take responsibility for all our actions. The things that we do outside the office should not affect the things we do inside the office. Issues about stress and fatigue are common whenever we talk about working. Stress and fatigue can hamper an individual’s work efficiency. There a lot of causes that can affect an individual’s performance but these are parts of the challenge of being a member of the workforce. It does not mean that stress should be taken lightly because it is a common source of inefficiency. All we need to know is to what extent we can work without inducing stress.

The comparison between the workplace and the classroom is always a good measurement of how work is done efficiently because even though they are different from one another it gives us a feel on what to expect once we step out of our comfort zones. In school, we tend to take home work or certain activities lightly because as students we know we would be given a chance to pass these things at a much later deadline. In the office, we are given an exact number of hours to finish a specific task before the deadline. Once the deadline has expired and you were not able to finish what is asked of you, then there might be consequences that await you.

People also say that we need to find jobs that we like. By doing so, it would feel as if we are not working at all. Let us take for instance, basketball players. In almost every interview I see on the television, most of the time these basketball players say that they love what they are doing because they have been playing the game almost their entire lives. I think that the passion and enthusiasm for the game of basketball has exceeded beyond their professional lives. Basketball players’ posses a certain intensity in them while playing that they forget that they are working. I believe that people should also approach their occupation with passion.

Work or my jobs have played an important part in my life. Even though, I did not see myself doing what I’m doing right now, I just tell myself that life sometimes throws curveballs at you and sometimes you just have to swing away in order to know whether or not your going to hit it. My experiences in the workplace have made me a more social and aware individual compared when I was back in school. You can say most of the time that I was very shy individual growing up but during my first job I had to adjust and talk to my colleagues about what to do and how should I deal with different types of situation. I must say that I found it difficult to interact with other people but sometimes in the workplace you need to step out of your comfort zone to learn and adapt to the work environment. I also learned to become more responsible and more independent. Back in school or even at home, I got used to authority figures like my mother or teacher watching my every move and telling me what to do. In the workplace, they don’t tell you to do anything. They expect at the end of the day that you have finished the task at hand with minimal supervision. Sometimes, I miss the frequent nudge to get started in a specific task but from what I learned at work you need to have that initiative or extra push to finish your work with quality.

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