Why an MBA

Published 18 May 2017

There is no end to the acquisition of knowledge. The more one acquires knowledge the more respectable he becomes and the more he wants to gain knowledge. There is no limit to how far one can study. It is the nature of an individual which makes him more knowledgeable. The more and more one studies the better it is for him from the point of view of the competition that is going on in the corporate world of today. There is a lot of demand for people of the highest category so that hey can take the companies to the unlimited sky that they have made for their companies. There is a tug off war going on between the companies in order to hire the best personnel in their company so that their company performs the best in the world and has lots of name in the corporate sector.

It has been observed that there is growing demand of people who have done a course in Management. This shows that all the MBA degree holders have an edge over the . In any organization with a quest to reach the acme in the corporate world, a foundation and support of a prodigious and confident leadership in the background is imperative. The wings of an organization flutter and propel it to escalating horizons, if it is properly backed by a resourceful panel of management personnel, who treat and guide the employees, under them, with an eye to encourage and propel them to reach their destined goals rather then, forcing them to it.

After taking a degree of MBA from UNC, where we were taught and trained to become qualified manages, I appeared for several campus interviews and was short listed in many Corporations, but since the most obvious enticement was the salary package, I made up my mind to join in as an Executive (Marketing) in a company dealing in Petro Chemicals, where the growth avenue was also an added impetus and persuading factor to finalize my choice. The initial few months were the training days, when we were practically exposed to various situations where the company had to put orders for import of raw materials and decisions were to be taken whether to sanction orders of goods to the regular dealers of the company or new dealers are to be given a chance. In one such instance, I was asked to help my just senior personnel who was a manager. In that circumstance I was exposed to various statistics, assessments and accounts and my decision to pick a new dealer, given his low priced quotations of the raw materials, and after scrutiny of the quality of his goods, my decision was most appreciated by my seniors.

This experience justifies the fact that an MBA degree proves to be useful as it teaches us to have knowledge in all the fields like accountancy, statistics etc. after the tenure as an executive in the company, I had got a chance to have a promotion as a Manager and join another company which paid me almost double the amount that I used to get in my first job. Since then there has been no stopping for me and I went on a rise that was totally unacceptable a few years back. Even the degree from the reputed UNC University had also meant a lot to me.

Now as the General Manager of my company, I feel as if all the people who really want to reach the skies and for whom the unreachable sky is the limit, should get an MBA degree. Getting an MBA degree is not just enough but having done a course from a reputed University would naturally become a plus point for all the commoners. A good University takes proper care of its students and the courses offered there have lots of value in the practical field. There is even the advantage of having campus interviews where the best corporate and companies come to hire MBA personnel from such reputed Universities. The leadership and the management position that one acquires as a result of the holding of an MBA degree is very prestigious. Along with gaining lots of good will and favor from the company, it also involves immense pressure in it. One has to deal with all the grave decision making situations and even think of all the factors that can be affected by any one wrong decision. It includes not only the decision making situations but also gives the person various responsibilities to handle. All of the company’s fate stands only in the hands of the leader.

Though it is said that to be loyal to a company is the best policy to rise high in the work field, yet it has become a general trend now-a-days that the people change their jobs most often and also have their share of rise in the proper place. This has been happening because of the ongoing competition in the corporate world between the various companies, which are trying to recruit the best possible personnel in their company. With the changes possible in this field it provides an impetus to learn more and to know more about the various fields that the companies deal with. We get a chance to interact with various people and know about their work culture and thus improve our skills in those areas. These things together can become the qualities of a stupendous entrepreneur and if one wishes to start a business of his own, this learning will be of tremendous use for him.

I had the liberty of changing my jobs due the simple fact that I wanted growth. There is growth only if one goes higher from one post to the other. Though the growth is also present in one single company, yet that process is very slow. On the other hand, by changing the company, there is a better scope of growth in this field as for the high rise competition prevalent in the atmosphere now, all the companies are always on the search of good talent and they can pay them even double the amount that they get in order to get hold of the best talents. Thus growth is the main reason behind my shifting to various jobs or rather changing of jobs. It also gave me opportunities to mix with various people and gain knowledge from them. There are many people who are efficient and proficient in one field and there are others too who are also specialized in some other fields. All these mingle together to form a good company and being a part of every good company at some time makes me feel proud. Wherever I have worked till date, there have been no grudges against me nor do I have any kind of Ill feelings towards any of the companies.

Thus a degree in MBA has changed the whole of my life from a zero to such a position where I stand now. The name of UNC is also something that had proved to be beneficial as it is a well known fact that UNC is one of the best Universities of the world and it is sheer luck to have attained a degree from there.


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