Why are you interested in Azusa Pacific University?

Published 17 May 2017

In this essay, an attempt will be made to justify my desire to take admission in Azusa Pacific University. Being a Christian and interested in Christian theology and other aspects of Christianity, I always wanted to enter into an educational institution which provides greater prominence to the teaching of Christianity. My friend informed me regarding this University and subsequent discussion with my other colleagues has proved that I would benefit by obtaining admission in Azusa Pacific University. By attending this Christian college, I can improve my knowledge concerning Christianity and this would strengthen my faith.

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This is a private Christian University which is located in Azusa, California. It caters to the educational needs of those Americans who wish to learn the various aspects of Christianity such as origin and development of Christianity and Christian theology. Before becoming University in 1980s this college was differently called the Training School for Christian Workers, Pacific Bible College, and Azusa College. These names indicate the motto of the university that ‘God is first’. This implies that this college gives greatest importance to understanding the concept of God. This college is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is interesting to note that this college consists of more than 1000 faculty members which indicate that they would be able to give individual attention to the students who study in this college. Even today this educational institution can be considered as an important evangelical institution. The main aim of this college is to discuss the principal philosophy and tenets of Christianity. The famous personalities like actor Austin O’Brien was the product of this university. (Wikipedia)

The President of Azusa Pacific University has reaffirmed the faith in the ‘God first’ motto. In fact, due to the adherence to this philosophy the University has been able to attract large number of the Christians and other people interested in learning the aspects concerning Christianity. Azusa Pacific University is guided by the values such as: Christ, transformational scholarship, life-giving community, and sacrificial service. It is important to note that Christ is the center of all the academic courses and programs initiated by this educational institution. It also educates the community concerning the ethical values that was preached and professed by Christ and many other scholars of Christianity.

These values have inspired number of scholars to become the part of Azusa College and they have benefited by learning and teaching in this institution. However, this college also caters to the changing needs of the modern time by using the latest technology and by providing education in the latest developments in the field of Christianity. This has not only improved the student’s knowledge of Christianity but also this has also helped the students to become professionals. The students have been able to obtain employment in the prestigious institutions. This has proved the academic quality of this institution. Notable achievement of Azusa College is that it has been honored in the TIME magazine and US News & World Report. This shows that the achievements of this university have been noticed by the leading magazines and agencies. These details prove that the University is guided by the evangelical Christian world view and the teachers of this college have attempted to prove their commitment to the Christian values. (apu.edu)

The above details show that this is the best institution for the people who would like to study Christianity and the various aspects related to Christianity. By obtaining admission in this institution, I would like to improve my knowledge pertaining to the values propounded by Christianity.


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