Why do I want to attend William Paterson university

Published 13 Jun 2017

Pursuit of a higher education at this William Paterson University is a dream that I have had ever since my childhood. Then it was just for the simple reason that it is just five minutes away from home. This baseless childhood fantasy is now about to be fructified, as it has further been reinforced by solid evidence.

There are important reasons for my aspiring to get my education here and proximity to home, while offering its advantages, is not the predominant one.

First of all, I have had an account of this curriculum directly from my cousins who are studying here They have given glowing reports of the novel methods of teachers, the divergent mix of students, the rigor of the course curriculum and the opportunity for extra curricular activities.

Secondly, what has impressed me most is the student teacher ratio, which is encouragingly small and would help me particularly, because this is ideally suited to my nature. The interactive approach in the small classrooms promises great scope for improvement. I have recently been doing well in all my subjects, after the struggles that I underwent in my sophomore. My experience has proved that close interaction with the teacher is very beneficial to my temperament.

Then there is the assurance of the quality of Faculty that the institution offers, because it has a reputation for innovative teachers. With the expert guidance of Faculty I hope to broaden my vision and enhance my learning skills

Finally there is the most important reason of all. I am good in English, which along with History is my favorite subject. My ultimate aim is to be a teacher and the intention is to choose subjects and major in classes that would help me achieve my career ambition.

I am confident that this institution would prepare me for that final entry into teaching and aid me achieve academic excellence through scholarly learning and ongoing assessment.


I have written the essay as specified by you-1 page double spaced.

I have deliberately glossed over your sophomore grades and focused only on the reasons for your desire to apply.

Proximity cannot be stated as the primary reason and though I have mentioned this I have highlighted other benefits that are likely to accrue to you in this prestigious institution through its teacher student ratio, excellent faculty and curriculum.

Prepare yourself accordingly if there is likely to be an interview.

Please fill in the survey form and write to me on the message board if you have any doubts.

If you are about to add few sentences of your own, be careful not make grammatical mistakes and do not use flowery language. You must be very precise and direct in your statement.

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