Why did you choose medical field?

Published 20 May 2017

I want to continue pursuing a career in medical laboratory technology. There may be several reasons for this. However, I do feel that the most important thing of this profession is that you never not to stop learning. There is something new and interesting always to learn. You tend to gain from each and every case presented, and this finally adds to the experience and knowledge.

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Medicine often utilizes the most advanced technology. Priority is given to provide latest technology to the medical field, as this profession is directly responsible for saving the lives of many. As a part of the medical field, I feel lucky that I would one of the first to access such technology and stay ahead of the other professions. The technology utilized is plain, simplified, and always user-friendly. Following the advancement of technology, there is always a creation of new posts.

I have observed that in the medical field, professionals are always required, as there is an increase in the population and an enhancement in the lifespan of human beings. This offers the job security no other profession would be offering. There was a serious shortage of healthcare professionals in the 1950’s and 1960’s, following the baby boom. Again the population is beginning to rise, and by the year 2008, jobs in the US healthcare industry would increase by 26%.

In the medical laboratory technology field, various positions can be easily taken up such as clinical positions, leadership positions, research positions and even teaching positions. There seem to be a lot of options for those taking up this field. As a part and parcel of the medical field, it would be an honor to work with a team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The medical profession is a noble profession, as it is directly responsible for saving the lives of people. This gives me a lot of honor, for the profession I am working in. The field of medical laboratory technology also permits for specialization in various specialties such as clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, histology, transfusion, cytology, clinical genetics, immunology, electron microscopy, virology, parasitological, and cytometry.

When working as a medical laboratory technologist, I am faced with a lot of challenges. However, with hard-work, these challenges can be overcome, and this would give me a lot of satisfaction in fulfilling my job and doing my duties.


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