Medical Research: A Field of Dreams

Published 29 May 2017

I have always believed that each of our lives is made up of something out of the extraordinary. We live in this world where nothing and no one is certain of what is going to happen in our lives. Ever since I was young, I have always imagined myself being of service to those in need. So when I went to college, I took up Radiation Biology at the Suffolk University, where I am currently one of their Trustee Scholars.

Even if I was a student, I did not hinder myself from learning new ideas. I studied at the Health Training Center and I majored in Phlebotomy. A year later, I took a short course for Nursing Assistant. I took the certification exam, and I passed. My quest for knowledge helped me to achieve the opportunities that I have today.

Aside from school, I also had a lot of work experiences. I started out as an Office representative, wherein I filed and updated important documents. After I took all of my certification examinations, I finally ventured into the Medical field. I started out as a Medical assistant, where I was tasked to assist in the EKG and Phlebotomy procedures. I gave my very best and little by little, am trying to work my way up. Soon, I worked as a Front Office Support Specialist. This particular job gave me an overview of how to cater to the needs of the patients, given that they are uncomfortable.

I thought I was convinced that I was being contented with my knowledge and ability to help others. I was wrong. I immediately went back to finish my internship in Radiation Therapy. Being given this chance paved way for me to strive and become the best that I can be. Unfortunately, I was still not contented with the kind of knowledge that I have acquired. I wanted to learn some more. When my internship was over, I took the certification exam for Nursing Assistant. Fortunately, I passed the said examination.

As of this time, I am currently working as a Clinical Nursing Assistant at the Massachusetts General Hospital. I take vital signs, temperatures, and blood pressures of patients at the Oncology floor of the said hospital.

I believe that I have the capabilities and experiences needed to work in the biomedical research field. My experiences and my unstoppable quest for knowledge will help me to formulate new medicines that can help eliminate incurable diseases. It would also be beneficial for the company to hire someone who has a wide background of the different fields in medicine work in specific areas in research. We all know that specific areas of research are always important in the formulation of medications and preventions of certain diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that certain areas of study can be given more attention, which in turn can help elevate the health of our country.

When given the opportunity to work in this field, I plan to enroll in graduate school to pursue further studies. These studies, in turn, can help me hone my craft and someday make groundbreaking discoveries in the field of medicine. Besides, helping others is still one of my goals in life.

Someday, I may be able to show to the world that I am extraordinary – I was able to contribute to this fast and changing world. This is definitely a field of dreams worth remembering.

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