Dreaming Beyond Dreams

Published 19 Oct 2017

Every kid has a dream. It is natural and adults were always there to support them, well perhaps almost all adults, parents and guardians were supportive enough to let the children have fun and explore almost all the things that the world can offer. Probably, this support might lead to the child’s determination to achieve something which will be useful in the coming years. Support from adults develops talents in the sense that children experience the freedom of exploring new things which opens to new possibilities. In addition, talents were gifts needed to be developed and those who practiced this gift need to be trained well so that it will lead the children into a lot better world. Probably, a lot better world will be open for them with all the windows and all the doors are widely open and a big pool of opportunities waits for their arrival.

Theatre and theatre arts were only few among those sanctuary which houses talented people in acting. Well, it doesn’t focus on those who were gifted already but it also accept people who have all the determination and courage to try new things and take a peep in the hole of drama, comedy and romance in the form of a play. Although theatre arts or acting in a playwright is much more difficult than those in the cinema, it is still desirable to the extent that as of the moment, several people, mostly children and also those who were young at heart were engaged in this kind of hobby which can soon be a profession if practiced and mastered well.

Like every story, United Arab Emirates’ decision to open themselves to the world and to show their culture full of proud and bravery follows the path taken by theatre arts before it reached the shores of this country. With all the drama, comedy and romance in just a single dish, UAE promoted their homeland into several people with a goal aimed in producing young artists involved in acting, writing and directing. Also, engineers were also encouraged to take a part especially the young ones.

On its second year, Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre did not just simply entertained the people watching the plays but it also opened many doors of opportunity and realization to the people of UAE. The gathering of these aspiring young actors and their whole crew made a big impact in the enhancement and promotion of UAE’s culture as well as in honing good natured artists. Although this initiative is a bit scary because most of the works were handled by amateurs, it is also exciting since young people were taking their chance to be noticed and to develop their skills.

Supportive parents who drop their sons and daughters in the practice venue and pick them up after the rehearsals were also having fun in allowing their children to test new grounds for their learning. Even the Dubai Culture and Arts authority took their part as head of the said event which means that even the adults from the government and the administration were hopeful that this event will lead to something new but bigger for the country.

Participants of the said event came from different races and grew up with different cultures but it did not hinder them to produce something beautiful and admirable. Most of the artists were around 15 years old and the oldest to participate is 35 but most of their plays were not limited to adults alone. They made use of the film to also entertain the little ones and appreciate theatre acting. This is also the chance for the people to see new breed of talents in our generation.

Those who were part of this once a year occasion were not only actors and actresses who dreams to be part of the real theatre world but also designers who exhibit their creativity through the stage designs and the costumes of the characters. Also, lights and sound engineers were present to make the whole play admirable and organized in terms of lights and sounds creativity. Of course, directors and writers were also present to develop the play and at the same time, to show their knowledge and their gift both in writing and directing.
Although these participants were really young, their talents and their bravery to exhibit the gifts they have made them special people who needed to be given attention. 5tehy were not wasting their time but exposing the whole UAE to the rest of the world.

One of the greatest gift that there is in the world are talents. Talents were made to be shared. Not all people were born well in such things but this gift can blossom if one will take the chance to discover the real mystery behind it and embrace the beauty it could add in your life. Talents were not for sale but it can add colour to the rest of the world but who would be able to have these talents if no one will be courageous enough to take a risk?

Like theatre arts, the whole idea of this event did not seem to be as simple as a fairytale. Organizers need to exert so many efforts to put this together and in the end, they made a good effort look so magnificent. It was a playwright also as we wait want happens in the end of the story. Surely at this point, it doesn’t end in just by having a successful festival but it will go a long way after all of these happenings.

The idea of having this festival seems to be a joke at first. Who the hell would care in this kind of event? Not all people like theatre arts and not all people want to act. It was surely a big joke but not for a long time. The comedy turned into romance when people all over UAE came, especially the young ones and participated in this event. All of them took their chance because of the love for acting, theatre arts and the play itself but like every story, it comes to its saddest part, despite of wanting to bring these talents internationally, and lack of fund will hinder them. In the end, maybe it will soon lead to a happy ending. The success and the belief that something like this will happen again will make things a lot better.

Showcasing ones culture all over the world makes us proud of our homeland and at the same time, reaching our dreams makes us dream more. Just like what these young people kept on doing… reaching their dreams and dreaming beyond want they dreamed with the help of the people around them. Funding will not be the reason for their fall down… people will keep on helping… perhaps, a play with a minimal fee will not be a burden to the people who actually wanted to help. It the first place, this is not for selfish purposes but for the love of theatre and culture.


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