Why do you want to be a Radiologic technologist?

Published 23 May 2017

Being a Radiologic technologist is a great and noble profession. Through it, people who are sick and injured will be helped to clearly find what is really wrong inside of them. To be able to know what interventions, what treatments or what surgery can be done. Radiologic technology is working hand in hand with nursing. Through Radiologic technicians, the nurses and other health care providers will be guided by the state of the client.

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A Radiologic technologist must really be able to establish rapport with their patients so that their clients will trust them for any procedures they administer. One of the determining factors for individuals to go into this profession is their love to work with people and for the people. Seeing how a personal touch in dealing with patients can make a big difference. Warm personality is needed for one to be a successful and competent Radiologic technologist.

Why Radiologic technologist? All along those individuals who dreamed of becoming as such felt the need to take care of those who are in great health condition that they know really needed extra care and also to be able to assist the health care team in the continuum of medical services that will be rendered.

Many people say that individual’s who wanted to be a Radiologic technician are just after of the wage and great job opportunities, but for others, it is not. That reasoning is very invalid. People want this profession for they believe that this is a noble one and not just merely for the sake of salary or money. The effort or service one has rendered towards clients who needed their help like in cases of injuries, and for Chest X- rays and X-rays for the body parts that can be projected; is above every amount of money.

For this reason, X rays make it possible to see through flesh, bones, metals, and other substances through which visible light cannot pass. That is why Radiologic technicians should competent, in skill and in theories. The Radiologic technicians through the technology help dentists detect the diseases of the teeth. Doctors also uses X rays to locate bullets and other foreign objects within the body; to guide them in setting broken bones; and to detect cancer, ulcers, kidney stones and other abnormalities. In this very sense, Radiologic Technologists are of great importance. If it is not through Radiologic technicians nurses, doctors, dentist and surgeons will be paralyzed in the sense that they cannot know the in depth condition of the patient unless with the help of the Radiologic technicians.

The very essence and thought that people rely on you for your help and for the effectivity of the interventions and treatments the health care team will be rendering are worth it. It is such an awesome feeling that people look up to you not as an ordinary person but an individual whom they have regard because of the service you are rendering to those who greatly needed the care that nobody else in this world can, such as, monitoring them 24/7 so as not to worsen their situations.

Radiologic Technology is caring; it is an art, a science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, and concerned with health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration and most of all it is a helping profession. It is the Radiologic technician’s responsibilities to take care of the client who are in need of health attention. The client as a person should be taken care to the outmost ability of the Radiologic technician. Holistic approach should be practiced. That is, the technician should consider the totality of the being of the client.


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