Why foundations are likely to fund X

Published 25 May 2017

The increasing number of criminal incidents brought forth by drug abuse has lead to the creation of organizations that are concerned in minimizing the influence of dangerous drug to the youth. Organization X will be able to receive funds from the three foundations because of the relative goal output that specifically targets to implement a program which intends to help the youth in changing their mindsets towards having interest in dangerous drugs use.

The Norris foundation will fund X since the orientation of this foundation is inclined towards the youth. As the primary goal of X, the amount of financial assistance from Norris may well explain and predict how the youth will benefit from their support to the organization. The funds can be used to increase the availability of psycho analytical treatment modules to a wider group of individuals concerned. Moreover, organization X would be able to conduct more researches in a bigger scope of the population. The available funds can at least extend the service to other locations apart from the one that it is already supporting. This will somehow increase the impact of the organization’s goal to affect a greater number of the youth in terms of influencing them to stay away from dangerous drugs. Even though the Norris foundation does not specifically indicated what programs they exclusively support, they still intend to grant the funds for the well being of the youth. In addition to this, their specific goal of funding human development projects will be a factor for them to provide financial assistance to X.

While the Sierra Health foundation primarily focuses on the long term concerns for the general health of the population, it will likely to fund X. As signified, the X organization has the same goal of doing the first and preventive steps to minimize the health problems that may be extracted from using dangerous drugs. The intention of the Sierra Health foundation to support public health programs may well fit to the optimum effect level of X when realizing its contribution to promote better health alternatives for the public. Even though the main concern of the organization is to change the psychological attitude of the public, the long term effects would be illustrated in the aspect of preventing drug related health problems. Various clinical researches have attributed the use and abuse of dangerous illegal drugs to many health complications in the brain and other vital organs of the user.

Lastly, the Weingart foundation will fund X due to the fact that the foundation primarily supports the integrity and order in the community and the social service aspects of it. Secondly, the Weingart foundation is also inclined to fund projects related to health care support for the general public. These factors are well enveloped in the goal of X since changing the mindset of the youth towards drugs abuse will eventually induce the reduction of drug related crimes. Moreover, the health for the youth will at least be guarded in the most effective and preventive possible way, making it probable to lead them in a brighter and crime free future.

The most important aspect of building an organization is the primary goal of its structure and how it can implement this objective. In the disposition of X to help create a better future for the youth, there are no reasons why foundations would take a second thought in helping it to achieve its full goal implementation which will eventually branch out to various youth and public affairs services.

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