Why have many Human Rights Issues remained Unaddressed and Unresolved?

Published 25 May 2017

Poverty, Hunger, Environmental Degradation, and Threat to Security are only a few of the major concerns that beset our world today. These unaddressed and unresolved human rights issues continue to threaten not only the quality of life but life itself. For as long as our world is divided between the rich and powerful on one side and the poor and weak on the other, interests will be just as partisan. The wealthy and mighty nations, giant businesses, institutions and organizations, and even individuals, wield their political influence to protect their interests, to the disadvantage of the people from poor, underdeveloped countries. Their influence prevents the seeking of effective and lasting solutions to these issues. Their action and inaction violates and suppresses certain political, social and economic human rights.

Man has the right to a decent life and yet half the world lives on less than $2 a day (Shah, 2008). Economic disparity is very much evident despite globalization and Free Trade. Resource-rich but underdeveloped countries produce for the First World markets and with less or nothing for domestic consumption. Development funds and economic aid for poor countries are subject to conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. These countries have to endure budget cuts on basic services for education, health, housing, and social security in favor of debt servicing.

Hunger is neither due to overpopulation nor scarcity of food. The fact is people do not have the money to buy food (Shah, 2001). This brings poverty again in the issue. In the long-term, however, big businesses are a cause more than a solution to the problem. They have made factories out of agricultural lands.

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The United States’ heavy dependence on fossil fuel does support seeking other energy source options. It continues to explore oil fields and develop oil wells, without regard for the rising concern for emissions that contribute to destroy the ozone. Without the US taking the lead, the initiatives would go nowhere.

President Bush’s War on Terror has come to a point where the ordinary people’s peaceful existence has been disrupted. It has become a complicated war, unresolved and unjustified. To a certain extent this war has become a threat to the human race’s peace.

To each his own set of beliefs and values. This seem to be what prompts individuals, nations, and groups to do what to them is right, even sacred. Divergent interests are what continue to make human rights issues remain unaddressed and unresolved.


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