Why I am an American Patriot

Published 25 May 2017

Patriotism is not just another word in the dictionary. Being a patriot is not just another abstract characterization of someone who is more than willing to grope the challenges in one’s hands and set it up as a brick where the nation can rise above. Being a patriot means more than just being a man or a woman. It takes more than that or any lexical synonym one can think of.

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There are many heroes who have done patriotic deeds throughout the history of our nation. Countless names etched on the humanely memories of millions resound the tales of courage in the face of an appalling death. Where heroes lived and died, a generation flourished and lived to tell the tale of patriots from the fading memories of the old funneled to the minds of the eager youth. Patriotism entails the love for one’s nation. But more than that, patriotism is living the life that resembles the nation far above the requisites of the daily ordeals of the numerous Americans who roam the earth.

I am an American patriot. I am because I live the life that resembles my nation, our nation—the home of the brave. Never to despise our nation, the life I owe to our Forefathers pledge allegiance and faith to our motherland. I am an American patriot for the simple reason that I feel, think and act an American. Our nation breathes life unto my lungs, and so shall I continuously breathe until my country takes away what it has given me. But I know my beloved country has no intent to abandon me, nor do I intend to do the same. So much has been given yet so much is to be returned. As long as I live, favors to be returned to my beloved country will continue to sustain the nation in return long after I cease to exist.

I am an American patriot—and I am proud to be one. I feel a strong attachment to my motherland, an unbreakable bond seamlessly woven like a fabric strong enough to resist wear and tear. From the simplest things to the grandest dispositions in life, I see to it that I do not fail to include my concerns for dear America. As much as I see the point to wedge my way towards fulfilling what my country has lain down before my part, everything counts and everything matters.

Who is not to be proud of a brave nation? This nation has claimed what it truly deserves, and the freedom we have today is a living testimony to our American pride. I am proud of our brave nation and from that I have kept on pushing my way towards being an American by heart and mind. Generations may fall from the surge and temptation of fleeing away, but I am determined to stick with my motherland for once and for all. It is a daunting task. It is a burdensome challenge, some may say. But we must remember, the unwary mind is easy to deceive while the unexercised body is prone to weaknesses. I am an American patriot and I intend to face and surmount the obstacles that may come between my beloved nation and me.

There is one thing I fear: the thought of an entire nation, or at least half of us in our country, shaken by the illusion of greatness from nothingness. To be a patriot is to be courageous to accept the fact that nothing comes out of nothing and that—in a less remote sense—we must toil and work in order to arrive at the greatness we have always dreamed of. It does not matter if our bodies grow weak so long as our hearts and minds are fulfilled. The enchanting feeling of being able to work for the nation dissolves even the hardest heart. I am an American patriot and I live to work for my country and brethren.

I looked for the definition of the word ‘patriotism’ in the dictionary and the entries there I must say are informative. Yet nothing can be more enlightening than being able to live these words in thought and action where patriotism is revealed in its truest and most real form. I am an American patriot and I speak these words from my heart.


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