Why I Deserve a Scholarship for My Continuing Education

Published 07 Jun 2017

The learned Henry Adams believes that “a teacher affects eternity (insofar as) he or she can never tell where his influence stops (Teacher Thoughts, 2009). In ways more than one, Adam’s contention affirmed my belief that teaching is the profession which I want to pursue, precisely because I want to be an agent of change. I am a student who trusts that hard work begets success. I firmly believe that success is not achieved overnight. To the contrary, one has to pour in a fair amount of effort to accomplish what one aims at achieving. I have always believed in acting on your dreams to make it a reality. Believing in myself, and the things that I am capable of doing are the keys to my success.

I have become the person that I am because of my grandmother; i.e., on account of what I have heard and learned from my grandmother. It would suffice to say that she is the most influential person in life. I look up to her not only because she is my grandmother but mostly because, in her, I see an unconditional faith in the wonders that I know I am capable of accomplishing. She is indeed a person who constantly upholds what is right and shunned what is wrong; who stands firm on her convictions; and who wouldn’t compromise her integrity just because society dictates her to go the other way. My grandmother is all that I want to be and currently am. I would like to believe that with her influence, I have become a person who values the inherent worth of my family and realizes the supreme importance of education. That and all, my grandmother persuades me to be the best that I can be. She made me understand that challenges would be part of life; and it is better to face them than be in the run.

Taking cue from the chest of valuable lessons I gained from my grandmother, I have reasons to think that my quest for post-secondary education is a challenge that I want to face head on. I have a dream, and not even financial concerns would deter me from achieving it. I am applying for this scholarship because I believe that I am person who can turn dreams into realities. Specifically, I plan to pursue a degree in Bachelor in Elementary

Education – a degree which I believe would equip me with the necessary aptitude to be the teacher empowered to touch the lives of everyone and anyone. Furthermore, I plan not only to finish my Bachelor’s Degree but to move it up another step by continuing my education to the Master’s level. Getting an advance degree in the field of education, I dare argue, would help me further develop my craft as a professional teacher. With these degrees under my belt, I have faith that I would end up in a profession that I am passionate about – i.e., teaching children who are the future of our country.

I believe that I am a strong applicant for this scholarship because I am a very determined person; very passionate at that. My historical influences and academic record, as well as my leadership abilities act as the benchmarks from which I summon the courage to take on the promethean task of continuing education. My professor and mentors would attest to the fact that I am a hard worker, consistent and persistent. If I have a project to complete, I would ensure that it is completed not only on time but also – nay, even more so – in the best condition possible. I have likewise religiously engaged myself in many extracurricular activities. And I believe, joining these activities has enabled me to gain nuggets of wisdom and excel in my skills.

As a final point, I need to say that deserve this scholarship because I have a vision – a controlling vision of a future filled with children who are not only excellent academically but are exemplary in their behavior, morals, principles and ethics. I believe that this vision can become a reality with the help of teachers who are as devoted and committed to their profession of teaching our children as I believe I would be. This is the kind of teacher that I aim to become. The career that I would like to pursue is born not only out of my passion to be the best that I can be but also out of my passion to reach out and touch a person’s life forever. To make this vision of mine a reality, I would need the financial help which the scholarship would provide.

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