Why the hotel industry is a positive career choice today

Published 07 Jun 2017

While many job markets are shrinking, there is one that has constantly been growing and remains a top target job industry for new college graduates. Hospitality and hotel management jobs are growing at a fast rate and have continued to show strong progress over the last few years. When the economy is going well, as it is right now, people have more money to spend on trips and more expendable income to blow at resorts. That is why the hotel business is a good one for entry level and mid level executives at this time.

Not all jobs within the tourism and hotel industry are projected to be top notch in the near future, though. As more of an emphasis is being placed on health and fitness, more people are looking to explore ways of having fun, while getting some exercise in the same process. With that in mind, the industry is moving towards things like skiing and hiking. These are projected to be the hot trends in tourism heading towards the next thirty years. Another thing worth considering is the fact that day trips and short vacations are becoming more popular than long trips. More and more families are making plans to visit great places for a short amount of time. That is why it is important to get jobs at places like Las Vegas, where short trips are the norm.

Though the hotel industry took a hit shortly after September 11th, the market has since picked up for a number of reasons. People are now more comfortable traveling than they were at the time, which has been helped by laws that have made traveling easier and helped encourage people to hop on planes. Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels, said of the current travel market, “This important legislation tightens security while allowing for millions more business and leisure travelers from overseas to come to the U.S. More visitors will in turn help improve America’s image abroad while at the same time providing thousands more American jobs” (Tisch). The increase in jobs is the factor worth considering in that quote, as Tisch clearly feels that the new, excellent regulations are fueling a growing market.

Another excellent reason to jump into the hotel industry is the fact that there are plenty of entry level jobs which give people a chance to get their feet wet and earn a promotion. It is difficult to come right out of college and get a job that pays well and has a lot of responsibility. In the hotel business, entry level management positions are everywhere. Even for those folks who do not hold qualifications for these management positions, there is the opportunity to start at the bare bottom and work from there. Since the industry has always been one that tends to promote from within, it is important to get a start somewhere within the industry. The tourism and hotel industry also offers opportunities for women, which is why it is an exciting, progressive market. Speaking of this, Secretary General of the UNWTO Francesco Frangialli said, “Women hold jobs across the employment spectrum from artisan or guide to CEO and Chairman of the Board” (Frangialli). These exciting possibilities speak to the upward mobility in the industry for all people.

The hotel industry is growing by leaps and bounds and it is not a market that is looking to leave people behind. The vast number of job openings is a testament to this and offer a reason to be optimistic for new graduates who want to make hospitality their line of work.

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