X-Ray Technician Career

Published 09 Oct 2017

Since my childhood I wanted to make a career in medicine. I was always admiring and appreciating the hard work of our doctors, nurses, physicians and other health care personnel, their courage and devotion to their noble occupation, the way they help thousands of people and overcome numerous challenges and problems. Therefore, my personal ambition is to become a qualified medical specialist and use my skills and abilities to relieve human suffering and make people feel more comfortable in this world.

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Currently, I am greatly interested in such branch of health field as radiologic technology. I am convinced that radiography is a very progressive medical tool and in the nearest future it will continue playing a key role in diagnosing a great variety of different diseases and injuries. I know that there is a good demand for radiologic technologists in our hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, diagnostic centers and other medical organizations. That is why I would like to specialize in X-ray technology and become an X-ray technician.

I believe that this occupation will give me an opportunity to help a lot of patients, as well as to advance in my knowledge of modern medical technologies, achieve professional and personal success, and become an experienced medical specialist. Besides, since I was always good in any cooperation with other people when working on different tasks, I am looking forward to becoming an effective team member and working together with my colleagues in the environment of mutual assistance and support.

In addition, becoming an X-ray technician is a perfect occasion for me to continue improving my social and communication skills. I always enjoy meeting different people, communicating and learning a lot of new interesting things from them. Finally, I believe that I am properly motivated to succeed and master the profession of my dream, which will certainly bring me good personal reward and satisfaction, as well as give me a great chance to use my talents and knowledge for the benefit of our society.


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