Personal statement – Medical Career Expectation

Published 05 Dec 2016

To whomsoever it may concern

I dream of becoming a doctor in my quest for success in life, to be known as someone, and to give back to something to the society, which is responsible for so much of what I am today. The larger numbers of vistas that are open in front of me as I decide to embark on this difficult career are so exciting.
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A career as a doctor is a path that is full of challenges. To tackle disease, to pain, to face death and life is something which is to me essence of what life is all about. I know I was born to do this the right way. One needs to treat patients with sympathy, and compassion, and if I can save a life, I know I have saved the world.
Today medical sciences are on the path of ground breaking discoveries, which I want to be a part of. With the exciting prospects of gene therapy, cloning, intra uterine surgery, we will soon be in a situation where some congenital anomalies may be treated like never before. The huge advances in surgery, with the coming of robotic surgery, telesurgery and minimal access surgery are revolutionizing medicine as we see it
I want to be a surgeon, and that too a Plastic Surgeon in my life. To be able to treat congenial conditions like clefts of the lip, deformities of hand, and so many others, manage cancer patients, enter the field of cosmetic surgery is something which is so exciting,. I sincerely hope that I have been able to express my feelings in the form of words. To be a doctor is now a passion for me, and my only aim in life.

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