Your career goal in taking a position with CIA

Published 20 Oct 2017

Dear Sir,

Through this letter, I will try to get you to understand my immense desire to get into CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). I spent hours thinking of how to go about the essay but all this gave me no legitimate great ideas until I remembered a single piece of advise that was given to me long time ago by a colleague. He said to me: “write about what you know.” Therefore, after thinking it through I realized that to explain my position and desire more clearly I should tell you my focused career goals for this Technology Job.

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“The CIA is, by definition, a place for leaders. We look for independent thinkers, adventurous spirits and passionate professionals to work at the center of intelligence. By emphasizing career development on personal strengths and talents, we encourage leadership in all our employees.

We encourage you to return to this site again soon to read more about our leadership programs and personal accounts from the many outstanding men and women dedicated to protecting America’s freedom”.

I have always made the extra effort to try to bring something new and creative; I love to be the creative one of the group. I find it to be the best feeling of accomplishment when someone enjoys my work and then goes on to tell, “He’s the one who came up with it.” My first big interest came with technology development. I found myself fascinated with the world of technology development. With the help of my High School friends & colleagues, I was able to get basic understanding of how CIA works and the importance & scope of technology in CIA. My next big obsession & goal is Intelligence. I must admit I fell in love with technology the moment I found out the possibilities. I spent countless hour’s investigation and testing different commands and finding its possibilities in the field of Intelligence.

In Short, from the very beginning I have been interested in technology, however my journey led me to decide which area of technology interests me the most i.e. Intelligence Agency’s systems. I am creative, a fast and keen learner. I do not hesitate to undertake and learn new things; I go an extra mile to achieve my goals. Technology is nothing new to me, therefore the evolution of the industry and technology does not scare me, and in fact I embrace it.

The most motivating and convincing point is that CIA offers exciting career opportunities and a dynamic environment. We’re always on the forefront of world- as they happen. So working here isn’t just a job, it’s a mindset and a lifestyle. You’ll find a supportive environment to help you grow and excel both professionally and personally. And a culture that expects you to do your personal best every day.

I have completed my bachelor degree and have 3 years of experience, and now wanted to excel my career in the field of technology for learning I found out that the best option for achieving my goals is “Central Intelligence Agency). Major reason behind choosing CIA is its strong professional and personnel growth group, Strong and impressive past record, experienced and supportive professionals.


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