Women are just as Violent as Men

Published 30 Jun 2017

When we heard of domestic violence, it usually registers in our minds that women are victims. Most of the reported crimes, men are the assailants and women are the victims. Beyond our knowledge, there are numerous cases where men are abused by their partners but decided to remain silent about it.

Most of us think that the level of violence inflicted on men by women is less serious than that inflicted by women (Straus, M. 1993). That is why when women are abusive; some of us think that women are just being defensive of themselves against men. “Our society seemed to harbor an implicit acceptance of women’s violence as relatively harmless,” according to Maguire, J. (1999).

Men chose to remain silent of their situation because of embarrassment. Men feel that people will not believe their stories. Due to this, rate of men being abused by women is difficult to estimate due to cases that are not reported and filed which leaves the whole story on women being abused by their partners

Violence against men may start from actions such as shoving, pushing, and throwing objects; later on, it may turn into verbal abuse. It shows that men are more deeply affected by the cruel words that women might say such as “coward” and “failure” rather physical actions. Men can endure physical violence that women may give for they are tougher than women. In a more detailed way, women are just as violent as men.

Psychological problem such as personality disorder often makes a woman characteristically abusive and violent. Women may also be suicidal and have severe mood swings which often result to being violent. Frustrations and depression can be expressed by women easier than men do. Women can be very vocal and violent about what they are feeling.

Women’s violence, psychologically speaking, can be interpreted easier than men. Their mental and emotional condition is a result of their own insecurities. Women have the need to create unrealistic expectations and demands towards men wherein they become violent when men were unable to provide or meet their demands.

Unlike battered women who will do everything just to get out of the bad relationship, abused men chose to stay because they consider factors such as protecting their children from their wives or partners, they feel guilty about the situation and they think that they deserve the treatment that they are getting from their wives or partners, or they are dependent on women, regardless if it is emotional, mental, or financial dependency.


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