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Women Entrepreneurship

30 Jun 2017Other Essays

Historically, women have increasingly been known to lag behind in terms of entrepreneurship in the society. While a similar trend continues to be evidenced in some parts of the world, women have showed significant success as entrepreneurs in the modern society. This change in trend, to some extent, has impacted the attitudes of most women and more women are becoming successful entrepreneurs. They have been motivated and have worked harder in their lives with one objective of performing better than ever in history (Jiggins, Samanta & Olawoye, 2000).

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The modern women have been seen to perform better in entrepreneurial skills as compared to their male counterparts. One of the reasons that make women successful is the fact that in most training institutes specifically meant for women, offer extensive services in entrepreneurial skills as compared to training institutes meant for men. This is because of the urge in women to always perform better than men so that they can prove to the society that they have the capacity to do better even than men (Jiggins, Samanta & Olawoye, 2000). In addition, the kind of training offered in these institutes specially equips women trainees with the best modern business knowledge.

Another reason why women are likely to perform better than their male counterparts in business field is the fact that there are organizations and agencies out there who are concerned with the business welfare of the women. They help the women members with business financing which is critical to business expansion and success. The financing institutions help women to obtain capital as well as funds to keep business alive. Every business can be run well if only it was started well and with enough capital start off (Jiggins, Samanta & Olawoye, 2000). When these conditions are prevailing, the success of such a business is something that will be expected.

Generally, in the modern society, women have taken the lead in most sectors and fields of performance. Agencies against gender discrimination have been seen to give constant help to women in terms of finances and advise on how to improve their performance in life. For instance, such organizations have been so helpful in local and national levels. They have managed to create a credit program to help women in loan financing.


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