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Women in Contemporary Society

30 Jun 2017Other Essays

In the contemporary society women are placing a lot of emphasis on their wedding ceremony instead of their marriage which is seen to bring out problems after the wedding ceremony. This has led to more weddings with few lasting marriages since the women spend most of their time in arranging for and organizing for their wedding ceremonies. There are reality shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in which winning a great wedding party seems to be the motivating factor instead of having a wonderful and lasting marriage.

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Marriages are seen to break even before the wedding sensation is over. In Style’ s March 2001 issue a celebrity actor Thorne-Smith is featured in her wedding dress on its cover and even before the issue is out, the actor is already in the process of divorcing. This shows that women are only interested on fancy weddings and not the main reason behind the wedding which is marriage.

Relationships are also seen to be true only when there will be a wedding ceremony. This is because women concentrate less on the development of a strong relationship since it can only be true if there is a wedding ceremony leading to even more divorce cases soon after the weddings. Women are concerned in expensive weddings and they assume that the more expensive a wedding is the more likely the marriage will last and this is not entirely true.

Women are also seen to be given a chance in decision making and this is evident from the arrangements that the women engage in for their wedding ceremonies. There are even magazines and TV shows to assist the women in making the decisions about their wedding parties from the dresses to the wedding cake. This shows that women are good and keen on minor details that affect the outcome of their wedding party as almost every woman seems to plan for a celebrity wedding regardless of their financial status.

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