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Women in the society

06 Jul 2017Other Essays

This reading selection talked more about the different aspects of Women in the society that she moves in. The different institutions that have affected the way women live have been discussed thoroughly, focusing on the different ways that women interact with her family, may it be through procreation or orientation. Lastly, a section discusses how women are coincided with their work institutions and how these affect the way women live.

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One very important institution of a woman is the family. I find this very true as families often function better with women in them such as mothers and daughters. People are who they are today because of their families. Lives are molded by families, and in the case of women, lives change when they become wives and mothers.

I have learned that women will experience complete transformation when they become wives as they do not serve their own selves anymore but will include their husbands as well, and will have to work and harmonize with the husband. As a basic example, a wife will have to learn to budget her and/or her husband’s money as she is not only working for herself but for the whole family. The wife then becomes more responsible and experienced in budgeting which can be applied in day-to-day living.

Although women are very much accepted and wanted in the Family Institution, the Work Institution has not yet fully accepted the women in their place. Today, there are a lot of women who belong to high positions in companies and different workplaces. However, there are still a lot of jobs that do not accept women as its performers.

There are still some who have women in their companies, but do not believe that women can hold high positions. The way I understand these situations is women are already accepted as competent workers in different fields. However, there are still some stereotypes everywhere, believing that men are still more capable in some aspects, most of the time, in leadership.

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