Word Processing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Published 22 Jul 2017

Word processing system is useful for drafting messages, minimal graphic work and for as template for preparing documents for slide shows/power point presentation. It is an application that allows the writer to find adjuncts for preparing articles, essays and business messages that can is in compliance with laws of concord and comprehension. Its production also includes editing, formatting and even printing.

No doubt, the word processing is extremely useful for any research works, and even personal messages. It comes with other applications useful for office works such as work memo, letters, graphics, worksheets, etc. Its most useful advantage is that it helps to edit the typed materials: I t underlines the place that has errors. Such errors can spelling errors, non-compliance with syntax and grammatical laws. This can then be edited with the provisions provided by default from the application, or the writer can use discretion in that instance. It even provides explanation of the syntax involved.

Word processing can automatically generate batch mailings, tables of figures and contents, cross-referencing, and even indices of keywords. These are parts of the text manipulation it can perform. In fact, it is the same application that is used for this writing!

Disadvantages: words are usually restricted. Registers peculiar to specific professions are not usually present, and as such are perpetual sources of errors. Besides, it makes you to become dependent on the use of the application, and can not use some applications like WordPad without editing functions. And people are liable to spelling and syntax errors outside the application.


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