World Vision Festival

Published 19 Aug 2017

Working for World Vision is a very challenging task because you realize that the work you do is helping children, and you want to make sure you do your job in the best possible way. World Vision is dealing with such programs as child rescue, getting donations for children, sponsoring children. Every employee of World Vision is working very hard in order make sure children get as much support as possible. There are many children in need in the world, and therefore joint efforts have to be taken in order to protect them and help them if they are in need.

In order to finance various kinds of programs for children which are held by World Vision Australia it’s very important to organize different kinds of events to attract the attention of public. The problem of raising money to sponsor children is not an easy task. People would like to grant money to rescue a child but they need to be consulted by employees of World Vision in order to make sure they are really helping a child. One of the ways to stimulate people to donate money to children through World Vision is by making suggestions on the website. World Vision Australia’s website shows different kinds of programs for children in which people can invest money- for example, “rescue a child”, “make a donation”, “sponsor a child”, “help fight HIV/AIDS” and others. Those users of internet who are interested in charity can go to such a website and find all the necessary information about the kind of support they are able to provide to children.

However, not everybody looks for this information on internet, therefore it was decided by the team of World Vision Australia that a festival had to be organized in support of the organization. The festival’s slogan is going to be: “World Vision- providing help for children worldwide”. The festival is going to take place on November 5th, therefore it was very important for us to schedule all the events of the festival as fast as possible, advertise it through the use of mass media, and most importantly, find decent sponsors. According to the management suggestion, the best sponsors for this kind of festival were going to be Just Juice, Tip Top, and Frucore. Since I was the leader of the project, it was my task to negotiate with the representatives of the companies about their participation in the festival and their possible donations for the kids whom World Vision Australia supports. The amount of funds which had to be raised during the festival had to be not less than enough to sponsor 50 children per year. Therefore, it was very important to make sure sponsors agreed to take part in the festival.

In order to persuade the sponsors in the necessity of their participation in the festival, I needed to present a detailed plan of the festival and its goals. All the information was printed out and presented to the sponsors. The plan of street festival included the following events:

10 a.m. -11 a.m. Faire of toys and other handicraft made things made by volunteers to raise funds for the World Vision organization;
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Concert of children (dancing, singing, performing different kinds of plays);
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Concert of a popular rock group.
3 p.m.- 5 p.m. Sports competitions in different kinds of sports.

The most important point in persuading the sponsors to participate in the festival was to make the sponsor realize what benefits he was doing to have from the participation. The benefits which were going to attract the sponsors included the reduction in taxes which they would get from the government by participating in the festival; developing the image of organizations due to their participation in philanthropic activities. It was also very important to make sure that the sponsors could advertise their companies during the festival. Therefore, it was agreed upon that during the festival, the people leading it would be mentioning the names of the sponsors very frequently, as well as put many slogans with their names in the area where the festival was going to take place. The sponsors also made sure that the even was covered in mass media (radio, newspapers, and most importantly television). In the result of negotiations, there were no objections of Just Juice, Tip Top and Frucore to their participation in the event. On the contrary, they wanted to make large donations to the children in need and especially those who were sick with AIDS. The sponsors also agreed to finance the invitation of a popular rock group to the festival which was one of the crucial questions in the festival. In order to attract the most public, it was necessary to invite a popular rock-group so that many people would come for the sake of the group but decide to donate money to children in need after participating in all the events at the festival. Therefore, the financial support of 3 major sponsors was very important for the festival. The money obtained from the sponsors enable World Vision to employ people who wanted to work during the festival in the promotion of its activities, and made sure all the preparations for the festival could be held at the highest level.


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