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Regularly in small groups that are given a collaborative assignment to complete, members pay attention on the task to get the work done but they pay no attention to the dynamics of the team and the desires of their colleagues. Other times members are always spending a lot of time getting familiar with each other socially and making sure that members feel comfortable with one another thus reschedule the responsibilities making the group put on a great effort to catch up. As a student who had noted this, I wanted to teach my fellow students some of the values of victorious group formation. I thus developed a preparatory process, a type of process that simplifies for them the purpose as well as opportunities of the project with each of them ascertaining the ground rules. The ground rules entailed listening to the fears of one another, accepting each other’s strengths, inclination and communication approaches, predicting problems as well as techniques for solving them and generating group distinctiveness and a sense of agreement as well as purpose.

This project was tough and the first few weeks were intolerant in its rate. A small number of students had skills in managing such a challenging project on their own, and even a smaller amount had experience working together with a group to complete such a task. I had to develop enough arrangement to assist them to bridge what they already knew. I applied some methods of assessment, and I devoted my free time for the students to meet and work in the groups. It is from this working together that I observed and made remarks of individual behaviors as well as group dynamics. Whenever I became aware of a negative pattern coming up, I would time and again look for a way to explain what I was observing to the individual to the group ad inquire from them if my observation was perfect or if the sections of their group work that I had found were problem-solving of their general work. In general, I, in fact, enjoyed the task. It was a lot of work but what could I have done to help my fellow students? I considered it as an intensely constructed job that I would do it again in a second, but the benefits prevailed over the costs. I gained a superior sense of teamwork and I discovered to trust the skills of others and not to take all the accountability.

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